Friday, October 30, 2009

Update,on Woods

Baby Woods,
As of about 3;30,his fever had went down some,not gone yet,
And he wanted something to eat ,he has not done that in a few days now,
They have ran test & more test & more test !!
And still do not know whats wrong with him,
Thank you for praying,
Will you still pray for him,
Nobody understands whats going on,
We are very worried,
So much has gone on in our families lately,
I feel as though I'm asleep at times,
Thanks again !!:o)


Deborah Ann said...

OOhhhh..I'll pray for baby Woods! What a little doll. I had to see kids suffering, especially babies!

Love you Beck...

Nina in Portugal said...

We will remember him in prayer...poor thing....

Nicky said...

I keep baby Woods in my prayers. Blessings x

God's Been Good said...

Ohh...we will be praying for him! He is so cute!