Monday, November 2, 2009

To the club & a little more,

Hello,Everyone !
I hope all is well,with so much sickness going around.
We have one by one ,off & on been sick,its crazy it wont go AWAY,?

But today is a new day-week & I may going to make the best of it :o)
So,I started a diet this past wed,just slowly,And today is the real deal day,
This is the diet I will be doing for 8 weeks,

Its called the heart diet,

And my goal is 30 pounds gone,bye,see ya,somebody else that needs it find it !!!
!!!!! I'M SICK OF BEING FAT !!!!!

My goal also is to look like this again, I was about 40 pds lighter than what I am now,

This was taken in 03" (you guessed it,halloween)(before we was saved)
I had been on a subway diet & lost a lot !!

Anyway, I have set some goals for myself on last week,
..I have been reading the book;The power of prayer,by R.A Torrey
WONDERFUL,But the Lord has been on me about my prayer life,
not that I dont pray, but that I have been ??mmmmm,
Not what I use to be in prayer I guess is what I'm saying,
When I first got saved I spent hours through out the day in prayer,
and I have slowly got down to when I get time,
But reading this book & we started a 8 week prayer meeting at church has helped so much, since time has changed back (I dislike this time) I got to take time for outside things more before it gets dark, instead of when I get done with house stuff,
.. And the list goes on & on , I will post them next monday,
Because its time to get UP !!!

Set some goals for yourself , & lets do this together,, :o)


Sandy Sellers said...

I keep thinking about going on a diet. That is about as far as I get. THinking about it. lol. I keep saying I will wait until I get to Nepal. There will not be anything good to eat there anyway.

Deborah Ann said...

Heavy sigh...I need to lose a few lbs myself. Excuses, excuses...right now it's Halloween candy that I'm stealing from the grandkids. Next thing you know, Christmas is here, along with cookies, fudge, peppermint stick ice cream, it never ends!

Hey girl, your link on the big butt meeme isn't working, you might want to check the URL?

Amrita said...

Hi Becka, wish everyone a speedy recovery and wish you success with your diet.

I like your new header photo. Is it your church?

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Great goals! We ALL have areas to work on! And prayers for all of you and that everyone gets over whatever is going around!

Blessings & Aloha!

(Thank you so much for stopping by! As always, it is fun to get your comments :o) AW! I'm glad that you are interested in the art that I do... Any time, you decide on what to have done...let me know :o) After Christmas would be perfect :o) I have a show on Nov 14th, so it gets pretty busy after that!)