Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Way toooo Much !!

We have got way to much going on,,
And since I left you last with the bad news of another death,
I wanted to share this with you,

I am not one to take pictures of a funeral,or at a funeral,but I could'nt past this up,
This brought some peace to the family,
Kevin worked for a company called Diverse Power,it is our electricity company for the county.
He had been there almost 5 years & loved it,
It is very hard to get in,& work for this place.
Well on last monday we had visitation from 6-8, but so many people came we did not leave till 9;30.His mom, dad & brothers stood in line for 4 hours.
On tues,was the funeral & they wanted a private one, so only a few was aloud to come,
We went to the funeral home first & then to the cemetery,
When we got there it was such a blessing,
About 20 of the men that worked with him was there,
They had a bucket truck on each side of the drive way with the lifts up,crossed eachother ,
& they all was standing in the rain,with their hands over their heart,
During the funeral it was very humbling to see this grown men ,(that we always see as Mr Strong) cry like babies,& that they would take time off from their job,to show what real men they are.Some of this men I've known for about 15 years & never knew they had it in them.
This is a picture as we was leaving,while they was letting the lifts down.

Thank you ,Lord for Friends that can help a family in time of need,

***We are going to miss you Kevin,***

Now to some what ? catch up on my posting..NOT.
The day after Thanksgiving every year we go & get our Christmas tree,
from the Christmas tree farm that is about 10 min,from our house,

This is something we do everyyear ,we dont let the kids go off
or plan anything this day,as you can tell Me &Jim love & the kids think they are to old for it,,:o)

Then sometime the next few days ,(when I get all the boxes out)
We decorate while The Polar Express is in the dvd player,

Poor Dog!!

And then I fix hot choc & we finish the movie,
because you cant watch polar express without hot choc,RIGHT??


So for now ,our Christmas get togethers start to happen the weekend after Thanksgiving.
Our first was Jims Sunday School class party,After we ate,All of us ladies put together the fake tree at church,

While the men played around, :o)
the next night we had our ladies get together for church ,I did not get to go because of the death,so I have no pictures. But they had a good time :o)

This past Sunday,each of our kids teachers had their class parties, between church times, Karen (cheyennes teacher) ask us to go along to help get them all there.
We had 6 boys ,6 girls..

We took them all back to her house after eating,
Look how sweet those girls are, (ha ha)..

So for now we just been trying to get shopping done,
Get to all the get togethers,
We have 4 this weekend,
The Cofields,The Butlers,The Churchs, & the Christmas play.
Next week we have ,2 as of now.

Please pray for the Butlers, saturday is not going to be the same without Kevin.
its still a shock to this whole family,

Merry Christmas to each of you, from The Butlers ,in Franklin Ga,..


Monday, December 7, 2009

Once again...

Once again , there has been a death in our family,on the Butlers side.
The 5th since september,
But this one is the most shocking of all,
Jims cousin 33 Kevin Jones, killed himself sometime thursday afternoon,
Please pray for this family, Aunt Cheryl & Uncle Lowell are not doing good,
Aunt Cheryl has lost a brother-n-law, grandmother, mother & now her baby son,
all since the middle of september.
The whole family is taking it pretty hard,
He has 2 boys 5 & 10,they need the most prayers of all.
The funeral will be tomorrow,

Thank Yall for your Prayers,,,

Friday, December 4, 2009

Last night was troup countys,Christmas parade.
I dont know what number this makes,I just know I been going since I was about 12 are so,LONG TIME! But we go every year,we always have some to sit with us,& just have a good time with each other,:o)

My pictures are not good,my camera does not do good night pictures,
I need a GOOD camera!!(if anyone wants to

It was SO COLD****

Our town gives out Hot Choc on this night,
How nice is that,we was sure using it to warm us up..burrr!

I hope yall have a great weekend,
(Ms Nina we thought about yall last night & how yall have sat with us before)
I miss you !