Tuesday, October 20, 2009

And the WINNER is ??????

You was ahead only by one vote,,only because Ms Tracy used your blog to read mine,
you should thank her,,lol
Some of you did the post & all & did'nt even answer the questions,

Drum rolllll,,PLEASE,,,,

***Ms Nina***
You should be getting them in the mail
in about a week or so,,,

Hope you enjoy :o)


God's Been Good said...

Congrats, Mrs. Nina!


Nina in Portugal said...

Whoooo Hoooo!!


Hotttt Doggggg!!!

I Won!!

(Thanks Ms. Tracy for giving me the final point!!)

(However, I feel somewhat guilty because you've already sent me several pkgs lately!.....You're so very good to me!)

I love you girl! I can't wait to have some FALL DECORATIONS!!!!

These Portuguese around my place won't know what to think of me and my scarecrows!!

Thank you!! Thank You!! Thank You!!

Deborah Ann said...

Congrats Nina!

Dani Joy said...

I knew she would win. Becka you did that on purpose!jejej.. which I think is wonderful! Nina is so very special and I think it is so incredible what the Lord has done in your lives! You are so special!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Congrats to Nina :o) How fun :o)
Oh, it seems like forever that I have been able to do some blog reading! I am trying to take a quick look at everyone on my list of followers...and then make my way back for more catch up!

Blessings & Aloha!

Just wanted to let you know I have 2 awards (aka blog hugs) for you at my place. Thanks for following and for your comments!

Tracy said...

Okay~this was rigged! I demand a recount!

hehehe~just kidding! I guess it's ok since they don't have fall decorations in Portugal. lol