Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy Anniversary !

Happy Anniversary to us,
Me & my Best Friend,
Its been 6 years since we did this this **
(this month we been together 14 years too)

Do you see how happy he is, :) to funny!
(if you would like the full story you may go back to last years post,''CELEBRATE WITH ME''

Much better,

This is us now, even more in love,
Jim I love you more than I ever have,
you are so good to me I could never ask for more,
Thank you Lord for sharing him with me,
I do not at all deserve what you have made him..

I was told a few weeks ago by my sister that she has never
known anyone like us,(as in how we love each other & want all to know it)
everytime I think of that I cry,makes me happy!
Jim I love you so much ,what a life we have :)
Matthew 19 vs 6 Wherefore they are no more twian,but one flesh.What therefore God hath joined together,let no man put asunder..(our vs)
** Its all Because of him**

***:) Have a great weekend everyone ***:)

(dont forget to scroll down & try for the prize)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Prize time!!

I wanted to have a give away,not going to say what it will be,
I know I know, You want to know but this just makes it more fun!!

Rules: you have to tell me whats going on in these pictures & what picture goes with what,(how many) as in last week I posted pictures you would say,"you taking pictures, 4 of Renee & 5 of the sisters", they all are of some things I have done this past week..

You will get 3 points for posting it, & 5 points for each you get right,
You have two weeks from this day,on sept 1st ,I will pick a winner.
Hint for the prize ,if you love to cook you want to win !.
Tip before you start, Only 3 events are pictured,so pick what goes with what first, I did not mix them up...
*****good luck****

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More pictures,

If you read my post last week ,You know this is my
oldest sister Nay Nay(Rene'e).
I did her pictures a few weeks ago, & thought I would show you some of my favorites.

just for fun :) :), It was so HOT!!

And NaY Nay LoVeS hEr :D

I know I have been so far behind on keeping up with blogging,But school is almost about to start at this house ,so maybe I can get back on track with everything!!
Im also sorry for not keeping up with all of you to much, so sorry forgive me PLEASE!!
You can also find me on face book now ,I set it up for my picture work,
Love you all & Happy Hump Day ! bloggers:)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What do I tell first??

I've got so much to tell & so many pictures to show ,I just cant make my mind up, :(

So I 'm going to start with the most important,
I left off last time with bible school ,So I will finish with that ,
It was so wonderful!!!
This is a few of us,(teachers)

This is of our last night, when the families & friends got to come :)

This is one of the two,little girls that got saved,on the last night,
PRAISE GOD,He is so wonderful!!

We also had a balloon release,it had been storming so we was in a hurry
the wind was blowing hard,, :(

It was looking like it was going to go over well.

Till !!!! the wind blew most of them in the tree,
Oh well, the kids still had fun & us grownups did tooo! :)

So this past weekend my wonderful husband,
left for two days on a rafting trip that the men from
the church go on every year,
And if any of you know me ,?you know I cant stand being
without him AT ALL!! I never stay at home when he is not going to be home with me,,

So I went to my mamas for the weekend,
We had so much of a good time, we grilled ,watched movies,ate,ate,ate, talked,talked & talked some more,

Dillons sweetheart came over for a few hours,

And then I did some photos of my oldest sister Renee,
She is 10 years older than me but we have always been so close
to each other,

love this one,,,we have no idea who they belong too??
Oh well, it made a pretty picture,

I cant stand to touch feet,but love to do pictures of feet,
I know , crazy;}

Her & her middle son, a,j
A week are so a go, I did some of two sisters ,Makenzie & Maice,
Sweet girls ,I love them so much, & I get to go to church with them too,

:D***Happy hump day everyone***:D

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Its that time :):)

***Bible School ***
Our Bible School is in full swing this week,,,
We had such a good night last night,,
Kids are such a Blessing!!!

We had such a wonderful time last night,,
God is so good to us !!

Please say a prayer for our Bible school this week,
Thank you :):)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Forth,Fun,Friends,Football,Fireworks,Food& Fellowship

Its been a while I know,
And I've only got a second to do this small post,
Summer time,busy busy busy!!!!!!!!

I do want to share with yall our July the 4th,
On Sunday we had church & sunday night we had a cook out with
Good'ole American grilledout food,
Hotdogs, chips,homemade ICECREAM !



The Big town of Franklin every year has lots to do for the 4th,
so on saturday we had a grillout bbq lunch with friends & went to franklin,
We got to see Dolly :)

and Elvis,,
Fireworks **********

This was some of our crew

my preacher,crazy man ;0 :)

Some of our kids,

My sweet :) sweet Ken
I love you girl,

Hope ya'lls 4th was as fun as ours !!!!
I'll post again soon,,
Wishing you all a happy weekend :0:):)