Saturday, October 10, 2009

Oct,10th--5years ago...

Five years ago ,God saved my husband.

On Oct 6th his grandma past away,God begin to work on him even harder,It had started bout ,1 month before this,(Gods working that is)

Bro Michael (my pastor at the time) had been talking with him showing the kind of love a preacher does.

Jim didnt understand what was wrong with him either did I ,I had only been saved 2 mths and was still on ,the thought of its really this good!!
But anyway this week his grandma past away & Bro Michael had went to a camp of week long prayer & and was praying the whole time for Jim to be saved & had other preachers in prayer for him..

Jim was all by hisself on a sat,night on his way home for a party,when God told him if he wrecked that truck ,he would die and go to hell,Jim ask God at that time what ever it takes I dont want to go to hell,please save me.
****Its been wonderful****

(The day of his baptism)
I had been saved in Aug,we got married in Aug,
He was saved in Oct,
God not only saved him & me ,married us.
He called him to preach 9months later,

( His first message)Aug,14-05 Living Waters Baptist Church.
Out of ,Song of Solomon ch 5,vs 2.
God has been so GOOD to us ,he could have just saved us & never Blessed us again,
But he has done SO much more for us.
We now have a family* We still day by day love God more & more*
*We love each other more & more everyday*We have a wonderful church* great friends*
the list goes on & on& on &on,,
He is so WONDERFUL !!!!!!!!!
One of Jims favorite songs "Take my hand,Precious Lord"
a few words to this song, "Hear my cry,hear my call,hold my hand lest I fall,
Take my hand,precious Lord,lead me home."

One of his favorite vs,-Ps 34 vs6 "This poor man cried ,& the LORD heard him,& saved him out of all his troubles"

** Bless the name of the Lord today -he did'nt have to save us **
(he still would be GOD)
** Pray for a blessing on those who helped pray for you **
Thank you Bro Michael & Ms Nina,we love ya'll so much :o)


Deborah Ann said...

Wow, what a beautiful story! Your husband is a preacher now? God sure worked on you guys in a hurry! Awesome story...

Dani Joy said...

I have tears in my eyes!! oh AMEN!! Praising God for His goodness!!
And that Bro. Michael and Nina were used of God in your lives.

Nicky said...

Hi, thanks for shraring this wonderful testimony! Praise the Lord! thanks for your message. Have a blessed week. Nicky

Traci Michele said...

Amen! God is so so so GOOD!

Amrita said...

Heavens came down and glory filled my soul
When at the cross my Saviour made me whole.
Rejoicing in your testimony.

May both of you grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Chris.

This is an enouragement to thos e who are praying and witnessing to family and friends

Deborah Ann said...

Just stopped in to say I hope you're feeling better soon! Stay warm, get some rest, and cuddle with Jesus...

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

What a wonderful testimony!!!

I am supposed to be sleeping! (It is almost 1am!) but got up and then thought I would take a quick minute to stop by! haha

oops! here I am - longer than a minute- but have to leave this comment...

Blessings & Aloha

(I will come back hopefully this weekend to catch up some! Thank you dear friend for stopping by!)