Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blog break,to much to deal with at this time

I am going to be taking a blog break,
I got some real bad news on sunday about a friend of mine passing away,
We thought she was doing better.
She had been sick for 10 days,then passed away,
I am having a hard time dealing with this,,

Its not at all fare that this had to happen to her,
Why her ,shes got 3 kids 13,11,5-a husband that has been in love with her for about 15 years,
I just dont unerstand,I started feeling guilty last night about being alive,
Cause I know Im saved & going to heaven when I die,But I dont know that about her??
So why not me??Please pray for her family, her kids husband,I just dont know how they are going to make it without her.

This is the 8th death since & sept,& 2nd friend to have something happen to them and I just dont know how much more I can take, or how can her family even take this ,to deal with?

Angela ,I love you so much,I already miss you so bad,you was such a good friend for 15 years.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy b-days & Ladies Meeting

First Happy B-day to my Mawmaw & Emily,
They have the same b-day & it was on yesturday the 7th,
Emily was 14 & mawmaw was 73, I know Iknow ,I have got the best looking Mawmaw in all of Ga, & the best looking step daughter too,
What can I say God has Blessed me more than I could ever thank him,

I love you two so much !!!!!!!!!

On friday a few of ladies from the church & a few friends
went to Mrs Brenda Robinsons meeting she has every year in Anniston AL,
It was so wonderful, we had so much fun & got so much help from the Lord,,
Do you know how wonderful he is & how he can give you whatever you need , when you dont even think it is coming,
I was overwhelmed by his touch this weekend,
This is Mrs Brenda, if you have never heard her ,but you get the chance to some day ,
YOU SHOULD !!! God uses her in amazing ways.

What is a meeting with the girls without loads of FUN !! & Pictures ???
A not so fun trip, :(

Time to eat at the top of the river........

Shopping time tooo >>>>>>>>>>>
Silly girls :) :)
We had so much fun !!!!!!!!
Poor Mrs Doris, she is so much fun,,,
We had 17 to go ,,I want to go back , dont want to wait a whole year ,sniff sniff.
I love you ladies, much much much ,,I had the best time with each of you.
So what was your weekend like ?????

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

B-days & Winter Classic

I am still working on the video,
So I decided to post the things we did this weekend,
First , on Friday night We celebrated my step daughters
14th B-day,boo hoo boo hoo :( sniff sniff,,
Her b-day is not till this sunday, but she will not be our house then,So we went ahead & celebrated early, Happy Birthday Baby,,,

Is'nt she a Doll :) :)
She is enjoying her cake & icecream,,,

She had been wanting some rubber boots,
And as you can see she was very happy she got some
:) :0 :)

She is crazy !!! lol
Then on sat, We went with my daddy (as we do every year)
to the winter classic,(a big coon hunting convention)
Its something we enjoy, but the most important its that time I look foward to with my daddy,
It takes about 2 or so hours to get there, but its worth it,

The kids trying to keep Graceland happy,
Cheyenne & her pawpaw, yes my baby is a coon hunter & loves her pawpaw,

(last years picture of them two)
Cheyenne Jordan & Emily taking a break from all the walking

After we ate lunch,headed home,
I try to get a picture each year of the group that goes,This years group was 8 of daddys grandkids(counting aj's girlfriend),my brother Cody,Me & Jim.
some more did go, but had already left before I took this picture.
We are so BLESSED to have this man as our daddy & pawpaw,

Last years group picture.

I also want to say happy b-day to my nephew Dustin who turned 16 today,
Aunt Becka loves you very much,
And also to my friend Karen who turned 31 today, love you girl,
(Sorry I did forget to upload a picture of them)
it must be my bed time,, nt nt ya'll