Monday, October 26, 2009

All the above !!!

Update :A,Becky passed away sat morning, we are going up today,they live in athens Ga, bout two hours away,please say a prayer for us,Jim needs it right now,the past few mths, have been hard..I love yall,thank yall..

My computer is in the shop, wont be ready till end of week,or next week sometime,
I'm using my moms right now,dont know when I will be around one again, I wanted you all to know ,I hav'nt forgot about you,

Most of us have been sick ,just took Dakota to the doc,& I may have to go in the next few days if I dont get better,,WHAT is all this mess going around ????

I will try to be back around as soon as I can,got LOTS to post about...

Thanks again for your prayers,,& for all the great words of comfort you all have sent,,,

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Charlotte said...

I'm so sorry to read this news about your husband Aunt. My deepest sympathy to your entire family.

On Saturday I learned that my Aunt Connie passed away after a two year battle against cancer. Sadly we just never know what day is our last. Thankfully, we each can take comfort in God's amazing and wonderful LOVE for us. For it is because of his love for me that I am saved.

In Christian Love,