Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our Families ,need some prayer warriors,

This is sweet baby John"Woods"Carter
My Aunt Debras first grandbaby,
This picture was taken when he was a day old,
He was born 2 weeks ago yesturday,
he was 7'1 & 19 in,long looks just like his daddy, my cousin C,J Carter.

His mother is Randi,
in this picture with pink on,
this was taken when he was 4 days old,My Aunt is in the purple,
she is my daddys baby sister,

She called me about 2 hours ago,
Woods has been put in hospital,
with high fever & crying when you touch him,

They are running test,all that have been done so far ,shows nothing,

PLEASE I'm asking to
pray for this sweet baby..

We all are very worried,
But I cant even began to know how Randi & CJ feel,?

He was so perfect on this day,

Thank ya'll ,once again,

I will keep yall updated..

Lord ,I ask that you will please be with Woods, you & only you can help him & give those doctors wisdom in this time,

I love you,LORD,THANK YOU !!


Tracy said...

Oh wow!
I sure will keep him in my prayers.

Keep us updated.

The White Way of Delight said...

Cute baby! :)
Sweet blog-

Amrita said...

Baby Woods is so cute. Sorry to hear he was unwell, but praise God h is doing better now as you say in your update.