Friday, August 28, 2009

Pictures from rafting trip...

A few weeks ago I posted about Jim going rafting
with some of the men from the church..
This post is the pictures, & me saying what I think
they was thinking by,their looks.Because it would be a boring post,
without words, RIGHT??

O.K maybe not,, I just like to imagine what people think ?:o)

These two, all I could guess is they did'nt have us ,
to say"come right here, stand here,I need a picture of this."
So they did their best :)

My sweet nephew A.J is thinking,,
WHAT have I got myself into ???
(I'm sure of this thought)!

But I do think Mr Huber is thinking the same thing
Look at that face. & it looks like my Preacher is telling him
Its going to be o.k Buddy !!!

Matt & Richard look like they need help getting up.?

Now ,this is them getting lessons on what to do,,,
how long it takes,bla ,bla ,bla,

O.k ,So I'm not sure why my Preacher makes this face,
I talked to him yesturday bout it ,still did'nt get a answer,
but thats o.k..
Preacher WHATS up with this face ????
........He so funny,,all the time........

Swim Break,on the river,,

Looks to me like Jim & Richard are trying to stay away
from the other crazy men!!

Richard says,,Thank You Jesus I made it !!
Home I go ..
( he does'nt know how to swim)
Ya'll have a great weekend,,love you all,,
( make some memories with some friends ;D )

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Celebrate with me !!

Today is Me & my Loves 5 th Anniversary,

On Aug,20,04 We went to the court house
& got married ,2 weeks after I was saved.
Can you tell how happy he is ?:) ?:) ?:)
At the time I didnt care,
All I knew was God had told me to, & my pastor
had talked to me about needing to be, before I got baptized.
I knew that was the next step in living for the Lord.
So during a work day,on a friday,
We knew we had to go fill out some paper work & then
they would set us a date to come back & get married ??
So we thought ??
But do you know our LORD does what he wants to,when he wants to,,
We got to the court house & to our surprise !! they didnt have anybody up there at that time,
she said "we can do it NOW"," Fill out this" "Come this way".
(he also dont give us that time to talk our way out) Is'nt JESUS wonderful !!!
We got it done, one of Gods childern one not,,not yet!!
I always wanted a church wedding, so we came up with the idea
the next year our first ann, would fall on a sat, so we would renew
our vows.

...So Thats what we did....

It was wonderful, because this time he was saved.
It takes GOD to do this...
WE celebrate alot this time of year,,
Me being saved aug 6,we stated our life together in
aug-13 yrs ago,,we got married in aug, & Jim will be saved
5 yrs in oct.

Have I said this already ?? Is'nt JESUS wonderful!!

I am married to the love of my life,
....Because of Him....
The night we got married we said every year (the Lords will)
we would take atleast aday (24hours) to spend time together, (you know mama, daddy time,no kids)
The first year we went back & stayed in the same cabin,in pine mt Ga,
the next year we didnt have the money to go anywhere so we got a sitter & stayed at the house.
Last year we went in April,cause it was in the middle part of the year before our ann,cause we didnt get to go on our ann.(that doesnt make any sense, could 'nt think how to word it)
Anyway,,this year in the morning we are going to North Carolina & staying till sunday morning,
I know my man is the best !!:) LOL
It always helps to get away,but it sure helps to spend that away time with the one you love,.
I'm not a bad mom,I learned a few years back,that time away not only is good for you, its good for them..
So I'm going to have a good weekend ,Hope you do the same.
Will post pictures when I get back.
(take a few min to do something nice for you husband,they do have to put up with us right?)
Oh I also added a knew side bar,for prayer reqest,if you would like for me to help you pray for anything I will do so & add it to list.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

School time-09

Well, school is almost in full swing at the Butlers house.
I did say almost,,I as a teacher-mama I start slowly,
We stay so busy during our time off, it takes a while to get
back on a schedule. So we started last monday with
a few things & this week I added a few more.
Monday I will add the last few things,
So then the schedule will be in
full swing........

This is what our kitchen table looks like during the
year..has to be cleaned off everynight before supper.

No I'm not one of those people who has
a neat school room to keep all this in or
for my kids to do school in.
So we make room :)


...Cheyenne's room...

...Boy's room...

They get up 7-7;30. they do a few chores to do-eat breakfast.
We get started around 8;30-9;oo,,,
Get done some time around 2;30-3;00 most days
and thats with 10min break & 45 min lunch...

I do try to let them have some fun,,
I'm not that bad of a teacher.
yesturday I let them have a icecream break.....

:) :0 :) ;0 :) ..........

This is a few funny pictures from the past few years,,
I do think school needs to be fun,, Right ???

Trudy thinks she needs to be smart too !!


I love having this time with them....
They make me smile,, when I need it..

( I would like to hear about ya'lls school days )
I like to see how different people do things..
gives me new ideas..I sometimes like change. lol

Yall have a good tuesday--in Christ :0)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Birthday My MAMA.....

HappyHappy B-day to my mama....
Today is the Best Mother in the worlds b-day,
Her name is Brenda Cofield,
she is the mother of this 4 brats,
Renee,Rhonda,Robin & yes her baby .lol.(me) Rebekah
( & yes this pic is old )

Mama, happy b-day ,I love you so much,

You have always stood by me no matter what,
through my good & BAD.!!!

I dont no what I would do without you,,

Let me take that back what would any of us do without you ???

You are the BEST mama ,mawmaw & friend anyone could ever want :D.
I love you !!
Hope you have a Great day!!!!
( if you still have your mama ,?call her tell her what she means to you)

Friday, August 14, 2009

5 years ; part 2..

This week I have just been thinking on the 5 years I've been saved,,Last thursday it had been 5 wonderful years,(scroll down & read that post if you hav'nt already). On friday night we was in church-what a wonderful place to be on a friday night !The message was about what he "The LORD" went through for us before he ever got to the cross.It was wonderful...

It got me thinking on how lost people dont see it & how I didnt,,but I really got to thinking on people that say they are saved & not caring,,you see five years ago is not even a part of my life anymore ,& yes it is my past & I NEVER want to forget what I was before him..But I never want to go back,,but some do ,,go back to their old lives after living a christian life for a while or they say they got saved & never change.

I dont understand ? I'm not saying those people are not saved(we have to keep Lot in mind if the bible didnt tell us he was saved I would have to say he's not ) & I know people get saved & just get saved. Never do anything for the Lord or want to do anything for him .

Thats the part I dont understand, all he went through for us ,so we can be saved.

I owe(indebted) my life to him,my kids lives & everything I have, Its His....

As I write I'M going to include pictrues of my life now, how could I ever go back ????????

I got a phone call on yesturday from a dear friend I love some much,

Stevie Moon, --the one in white--

Look at that face,,does she look happy to you??

she called me yesturday, so happy saying do you know what today is?

"Today is the day the Lord saved me 2 years ago"

But you know why her day is even more special to me & my husband,

because she was saved in Sunday School while my husband was teaching,ok preaching! its hard for him to teach...I'm not saying that just because it was Jim,,but when you see God use someone you love it sure know??

I the past few weeks have been told & heard somethings,

that some old friends dont understand like,why cant you go certainplaces ?,why dont you come around ?, why do you stay away from certain people that you would at one time go around ??

They think I have been told by my husband or my Preacher I cant go & do these things..

Its not that,,,I DONT WANT to do the things that I did at one time,,

My life is Great!!

I love it ..

Do I get down & have bad days,? sure I do,

Does things go wrong ? All the Time,

Do I hurt over this kind of talk,from people that is suppose to love me & be my friends till the end ? Feels like someone has cut my throat,

But I cant go back just because of a bad day,or because they dont like who I am now.

I dont need the devil telling me,when I hear all this stuff,how much better my life would be if I would just go back.

And trust me he does just that,!,when I heard all of this a few weeks ago,

the next week we started having love ones put in the hospital, one a week for 4 weeks.

He started to tell me I could just go back, to drinking,to that care free world of sin.

And things would'nt be so bad . He was even telling me ,my church dont care what I go through, your friends now or just your friends because they have to be.

And YES I was thinking about it all,Why do I go on? What do we get out of all this? Could it be better ??

Does my church care like they say they do ????

I got to where I could'nt even pray,,

thats what the devil will do !!

But then last week came;)

And before I knew it the LORD was bringing back to my mind

5 years ago, when I was lost & on my way to hell, with the devil.....

I started to think of the cross, & how I could not have gave my son to die for those who dont care....could you???

I thought how I have seen sooooo many blessings,in not just my life ,but the lives of others.

How Stevie couldnt even hold her head up the morning she was saved,,but God saved her & now she can hold it up proudly & worship Him...

O WHAT A SAVIOR !!! is mine..

I thought of Jim, he didnt even like me, but now he will do anything for me.

My childern, they hate to be sick now because they hate to miss church..

How do people go back ??????? I wish I knew,,

I would hate to know,the devil got me to go back because of his mind games & I missed out on Gods blessings,on seeing another friend or family member be saved, or seeing one of these loved ones be healed because of church & friends prayers..

My prayer is Lord keep the devil away,

not just from me but from your sheep,

I love You LORD !

Each day that I liveHe gives more than I need,

I could never describe His goodness to me,

You ask how I make it day after day,

There's only one thing I can say,,

Its been a long journey but I have been Blessed

Walking with Jesus I have no regrets

He is so good to me & I must confess

The way has been long,but I'm Blessed

All that I need I find at his feet,

When I hungry he feeds me with manna so sweet,

When my soul is weary I find peace & rest,

All I can say is I'm Blessed,

Now I've had my share of sunshine & rain

Days filled with laughter/nights filled with pain,

But for every mile I've traveled this way,

The journey gets sweeter each day.

.........Tell the LORD today what he means to need it more than he does.... see he dont need us we need him !!!!..................:)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I want one !! :)

Have you ever wanted somthing that you know you wont ever have ,that you dont need, & that would make absolutly NO sense in having one ??(does that make sense ??)

Well we have been having some work done in our yards ,trees cut ,cleaning up.You know that work that always gets put off ;)


............just kidding ;) ;D....this is after...

The guy we got doing all the hard work has got some of the coolest machines,

& I want one of these BAD BOYS !!

Not to sure what the correct name is for one of these,

I just know they dont play,

Me & my kids watched yesturday,as this machine cut about 15 trees to the ground in about 15 mins,,,good school lesson,,,

OK ,maybe they didnt learn anything just that mom wants one.

I told them if I had one I would be one of the..NO NO! I would be THE coolest mom around this part of Ga,

We could mud ride like no one else,,this thing can cross a ditch, climb a hill, cut a tree down all at the same time,,forget that 4 wheel drive boys, something new is in town!;) a friend today,,remind them of a good time yall have had together,memories are wonderful...