Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm Baackkk.

Yes ,I am back , after a long break.
Not by choice,but just cause for the past 5or6 weeks I have had so much to do.
Every year from about thanksgiving till about feb, We have so much to do.!!

But anyway maybe I can get back on track ,Im working on a video from right before Christmas till New Years to show all of what we have been doing.
Because I could post pictures everyday of all of it & still would not get it all in. So the video can get it all over with at one time.
And I just thought about it, I've not talk to yall since Last Year ? That sounds like so long ago,lol

Thank each of you that has e-mailed to check on us & just to say hi :)
I have missed yall just as much.
So I will in the next few days post the video :)
hope you enjoy it,

Till then, My header picture is my Christmas present from my husband,(the best man in the world).
Meet Graceland the Boxer, (NO she is not named that because of Elvis)lol..
This are the best dogs for families,we had one for 3 1/2 yrs (Daisy Mae) & had to have her put to sleep,it about killed me,I still miss her everyday& that was 3yrs ago,it has taken us this long to be able to get another, (the thought of one not being like her & just missing her so much)
I know what some of you are thinking ? Its just a dog, I know but she wasnt just any dog..
I love animals, always have...

I hope each of you have a good week ,love yall...