Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My First Give'away..

I am having my first give'away,
It should'nt be hard to play by the rules,
since I started this blog in July,

I got my gift ideas from Ms Nina,& the reason is some of ya'll can't get Fall things where you live.
Which I think is a crying shame,boo hoo :O(

Here are the ten things you have to do or answer;

(1)Leave a comment,about what you do or do not like about my blog:(I do not get my feelings hurt easy,be truthfull)

(2)Post about this give'away atleast 24 hours;
(I would do a button like all the rest of you do ,but dont know how :( (let me know in your commet that you did)

(3)Let me know how you found out about this give'away,
(like through what blog )

(4)What is one of my favorite movies ?

(5)What did I do for Labor day ?

(6)What is my oldest nephews name?

(7)How many sibilings do I have?

(8)When is my anniversary?

(9)I have posted many happy b-days,who is the 2nd I posted about?

(10)What date did I get saved on;(the whole date)becareful sometimes I post a day ahead or a day late.

O.K ,So this is how it works,on
# 1 you will get 2 votes
# 3, 3votes ,plus the person you found out from ,will get 2 extra votes,so be sure to post about it, you never know who is going to read through you :o)
#4-9 1vote
#10, 3 votes
I'm going run this for a week, next tues, the winner will be announced:
if there is a tie I will then draw one from them,

This is something like what you will win::::drum roll please,,

I will mail the winner not ONE but TWO Fall decorations,that will look something like this one,
I hope you have fun playing,,

***Have a good tuesday****


Dani Joy said...

Sounds like so much fun! I will start today! ;) Gotta do some research.
I can´t get fall decorations really either here so this would be so cool to win however I hope Nina wins. ;)

God's Been Good said...

Haha...I want to enter! I will have to some research too! I will post about it though! I hope that I win!


Pilar said...

What a cool giveaway :)

Jennifer said...

Great giveaway!! I love your blog and how your show your love for christ!! God bless

Nina in Portugal said...

Oh goody...I think I know the answers to ALL of those!!

You other ladies can just forget it!! These fall decorations are mine....ALL MINE!!!

Mmmwwaahhhhh Hhhaaaaa!!!

(I'm working on this tomorrow!)

Dani Joy said...

I love your fall background and your slide shows. but maybe they shouldn´t be quite so long. They are very relaxing though. ;)

Love ya in Jesus!

I am posting today about your givaway. I am a poet! and I new it! jeje

Dani Joy said...

I know Nina, you got this one all wrapped up but hey I like some good friendly and I mean friendly and loving competion. LOL..

Becka, got a post up about the giveaway. ;) it´s so fun! love the idea!

Deborah Ann said...

Great idea, Becka. Though I'm going to pass on the giveaway, I will tell you that your blog is very sweet, especially your picture on this post. And don't forget, if you ever need help, even making buttons, Traci is more than happy to help you.


Nina in Portugal said...

I love that you ALWAYS give God the Glory!

My answers were just emailed to you!

Tracy said...

I like the prayer requests on the sidebar. You can never have enough prayer that's for sure ;o}

I also like the pictures that you put as your header...

I also like that anyone who pops over, especially a first time visitor, will be able to see your love for God.

Tracy said...

Oh...I forgot to tell you that I posted it!

Stonefox said...

Becka, you are so creative! I'll have to ask you for ideas next time I do a giveaway... :)

Amrita said...

Gotta work hard for this one.