Monday, October 5, 2009

Camping & Good news

Today I post two pictures to show God is answering prayer in my family on both sides,
& a smilebox of our camping trip in the fall..

Jim's daddy came out to the camp on friday night,& spent about 4 hours with us,we had a great time with him..,Its been years since he came to just spend time with us.

Since U,Spencer past away him & Jim has talked 2 to 3 times a week on the phone.
He says he is coming to our home coming in a few weeks.

This is me & one of my sisters,Rhonda (she is next to the oldest ) & she would do anything for me..we are very close.

She has in the past few mths,been talking like she never has before,,,like church,ask mama to find her a blue jean skirt so just in case she wants to go to church she can,& she also told me one day she thinks she is going crazy ..(Im praying its convection)

She came out on thursday & friday to spend time with us, She was around my preacher on friday,

She called me sat morning & said,

"I like your preacher,I wish I had sundays off so I could come to church with ya'll"

I started to cry,shes never told me that before.

Please keep our family in your prayers,The LORD is answering all at one time,

I love you LORD,Thank you !!

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Nina in Portugal said...

Hey...I not only served choc. chip cookies made with the choc. chips you sent me tonight at the ladies bible study, but I shared a little of your testimony with them. About you getting saved and about us praying for Bro. Jim. I tried to encourage those ladies present that had lost husbands. And I got to tell them the choc. chips came from you!!!

They have no idea what choc. chips are...but they love them!!

Thanks again sweetie!

Deborah Ann said...

What an awesome video that is! It was so relaxing, I felt like I was floating along on the water.

Glad you had a great time camping. It's awesome that your sister is starting to look for more in this life. The last time we went camping, we invited all our family to join us for worship at our campsite. We are from all different denominations, so I was thrilled that they showed up and we could worship God together!

Dani Joy said...

Now that´s the way to do camping and school! Love it! love the nostalgia!

I wasn´t going to post that prego picture either but now that I have lost almost all the weight I want to use it as collateral never to return to that again!