Monday, October 19, 2009

To the club :D

OK so a few weeks ago I joined the
......*Big Butt Club*.......

I did not do anything on last monday cause of a sickness that was going through my household,
And monday was my day to have it,
So for this monday I have to catch up a bit,
Sorry ,! I mean alot,

This weekend was full of FUN, but busy ,
Thursday & Friday we had fall break ,no school,"*yoohoo*"
Opening weekend of deer season "*yoohoo*"
We had someone to spend the night ,fri nt,
& Friday it began to get cold,not cool ,but cold."*yoo hoo*"
(this morning we had our first frost) "*yoohoo*"
Sat ,morning we had a few people to come over for a while
to eat breakfast. (I got up to fix ,opening day breakfast),

And yesturday was Homecoming at our church ,"*yoohoo*"
(can you tell the things i like ?)
Oh & yesturday after church ,we went saw my new baby cousin
that was born wed, & then me & my husband went hunting, "*yoo hoo*"

So for all you mamas out there !!!!!!!!!!!
Do you see the things I hav'nt done in a few days ?????
Clean house ...boohoo :(
I hav'nt got out fall & winter clothes yet...boohoo :(
And today is mon,so we have to get back on school :(
And tonight we start 8 weeks of prayer,"burdens in prayer"
at our church,dont get me wrong thats a good thing, just got to
get alot done before 7;00p.m.

So to get off my BUTT today ,I have got to catch up..
Pray for me I'm going to need it,,lol

For real,would you join me tonight at 7;30 to pray,
for any burden you may have ,we all need to pray more.. you all...have a good BUSY monday...

Oh yeah !!
I said all weekend to I was starting a diet today too,
I'll let you know if that works out ,,hahahaha


Deborah Ann said...

Sounds like your weekend was a blast! Don't you just dread Mondays? Back to the daily grind, eh?

I love how 'no school' equals "yoohoo!" I always felt the same way when my kids were was always time for fun on those days.

Nina in Portugal said...

Hey...Dani Joy and I are starting a fitness/diet blog...want to join it?

It'll help you stay accountable. Having a group of Christian ladies to get encouragement from and you can even track your weight loss/inches lost with us as well.

She and I were just talking about that tonight...we're getting the ball's by invitation only, so let me know if this sounds like something you're interested in and we'll send you and invitation to join as soon as it's all ready.