Thursday, October 8, 2009


Yes we have been partying,,

I did'nt have time to post all these as we had them ,we had so much going on , we have been so busy..
But, I'm trying to catch up,
So back on Sept,12, We was invited to send the afternoon with my Aunt Cindy,she turned 50,
My Uncle Marshall gave her a surprise party,& most of her family & the Cofields was there.

I love this woman !!! :o)

This is her & their only son,Alan one of my favorite cousins,

The very next day,we had another party,for a friend of ours little girl Bailey,
she is their only child also, she turned 11,
All these kids in this picture, are children of parents that have been friends for a very long time,(16 years). Baileys mama is Krista,that sweet blonde baby belongs to Audra,
She tried to have a baby for so long ,&God blessed them with her last jan 1-08
she is a new years baby..her name is Maryana.
And of course all the rest is mine..:o)

Then the next weekend was spen mans (Spencer)(my baby nephew) b-day.
He is the youngest of all the grandkids,they range between 21-8
& there is 11 of them.
Happy 8th b-day spen,,*** beck beck loves you ***
I make him take pictures with me ,can you tell???

And then this past sunday night,
Last but not least,My Preacher,
his b-day was friday , we gave him a party on sunday night after church,

My Preacher ,Bro Richard Clinard...
Forgive me I 'll try to do better next time with b-days,
(ok maybe not)
Check back with me on the 10th for the most important b-day of the month,,
it has the BEST story,,,
Enjoy your thursday,,,!!!:o)


Pilar said...

Love, love LOVE when people share photos!!!

Nina in Portugal said...

I enjoyed seeing everyone in the photos.....I can't get over how grown up Cheyenne is...such a lady!!

And of course I clicked on the photo of everyone at church so I could spot those I remember, and miss so very much! I saw Heather had cut her hair since getting married! I did the same thing...cut it all off after my honeymoon!!

Thanks for sharing your photos!

Charlotte said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to all!

To answer your question I live the city of Johns Creek which use to be called Alpharetta.Have a great weekend.

Deborah Ann said...

Oh, what fun! I feel like I just got a glimpse into your life. You are truly blessed with a great family!