Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Krista is doing better,45percent of her heart is working now
& no blood clots anymore,Thank you LORD !
as of now she is going to be on lots of meds for the rest of her life.
please keep her in your prayers,,( shes the one in the gray between me & audra)
32 yrs old,,not old enough to be having a heart attack.

Bible School was wonderful last week,on friday some of the parents
came we had a grillout , awards time, & then game time,,
until one parent stepped in ,((to her it was taking to long)) to carry small bucket
back & forth,, so she cheated & talked some kids in picking the big bucket of water up.Stevie i love you but you did cheat,,LOL (but,that is why kids love you)

We also had a balloon release, it was so prettyas they went up.

This little girl is now Dawns best friend,,& boy is she a mess.
We love you Morgan !!

Full house,,,

singing time,,,

A BIG Thank you to all of the parents that let your children
come,, I fell in love with so many children last week,I cried
sunday when it hit me that it is over till next year.
So many kids that have such hard times that we dont even think about.
Dont know if you think like I do & i'm ashamed to say we get so caughtup in our own lives
we dont think how bad some people have it..

Lord I pray what the chidren learned ,they never forget
& for me to stop thinking my kids dont have enough ,& to start praying for those who dont even have a home with a mama & daddy.
...... Becka ......

Monday, July 27, 2009

Boy,What a week !!

Well we got done with Bible School on friday night, Had a great week just very tired,
We had 3 people in hospital last week also,,
2 of those went home,,then last night as we left church we got another phone call that a long time friend of mine had a heart attack- shes only 32 yrsold. does'nt smoke does'nt do drugs,
has been on a diet the past few weeks & lost bout 25-30 pds.
I dont think I understand,,,We know people who do drugs (hard drugs) & their lives seem to go
as they want it too,....And I know GOD is in control,,just sometimes for me I dont understand.!

I ask that you all pray for her & her family,the doc's are going to run more tests today.
I will later post pic's of Bible School & her.
but right now I need to get things done & get out to see her.
!!!THANKS ALWAYS !!! ....:) BECKA ....:)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Stephen..

Today is my nephew"s (Stephen)b-day.
this is him with his brother"s Aj & Bobby jordan.& their
wonderful PawPaw (mydaddy).

I cant believe he is 21 today
I remember the day he was born.
Not that i'm old !!!(just got good memory LOL)
I was 9 when he came along, he belongs to my oldest
sister Renee ..he was the first grandchild born in this
Stephen I want you to know I love you with all my heart I
pray for you,, & I've always been proud for people to know
you my nephew,, I hope you have a great day,,
!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!
Thank you LORD for putting him in our family,,
you could have gave him to some other family,,

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

...Bible School 2009...

Last Night was our first night of Bible School...
It turned out great !!

we have 3 classes


We have some great teachers also,,

We are very happy on how things have turned out .
We had 43 kids & 17 grown ups to show up,
Thank You to all teachers who are helping ,taking your time to
teach the children about the Lord & what all he has done for us.
Please keep the rest of this week in your prayers!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

..Death & V.B.S..

This week has been very sad,,the girl in this pictrue is my nephews girlfriend--brittany, very sweet girl, her grandmother passed away this past friday night,,its been very hard on them.. The girl in the other pictrue with gray on ,her aunt passed away tonight,this aunt is more like her grandma,,& I know their going to miss her very much,,.This morning we got the phone call about Jims uncle Spencer ,they found out friday morning he has 10 brain tumors & two lung tumors, & he's only 61,5 kids & lots of grandkids..they hav'nt said how long he may have & I know only God knows,,but whats so sad he's not saved.Jim says he never remembers him even going to church..could yall please help me PRAY for him & his family !! its very sad for us,, On the other hand we are starting vacation bible this week. theme is " never let your well run dry" so I ask for prayers again for this week & I'm also over it never have done that before so it may be crazy !!!I'm in no kind of way good at handling things,, so I hope you all have a good week .Please keep these families in your prayers. thank you.
....Becka :}

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nantahala River ....

My Husband is leaving me tomorrow about lunch time to go,,rafting down the nantahala river..which looks something like this; I'm miss him already, Don't want him to go,

Not that I don't want him to have a good time, and he is going with some men from the church & thats o.k ..I'm just crazy about him !! :) is that good or bad.?. He told me last night " I've been before without you ,why you being this way "? Oh but its not the same now baby! I didnt care back then if you never came home.. I think he understood!! And for those of you that dont know us ,,we only been saved 5yrs.( well almost 5 aug6th for me & oct 10th for him) we hated each other , BUT !!Oh what God can do to a heart ? or in our case Hearts..So just pray for me friday & sat ...yes he's only going to be gone a little over 24hours..but I still need prayer please.. thanks!!! I will tell our story at a later time.. Becka :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Im going to need help with this.

I am new at this blogging thing,

So I,m going to need your help please.

hint hint Ms Nina !!

Im a stay at home mom ,so im always

wanting to call someone & tell what just happen

or show a picture I just took ( i love picture's).

So im starting a blog to help me share what

goes on at the Butler house hold in the

small (redneck) town of Franklin Ga,

hope you enjoy...please ask anything you like..

& give me tips to make it better.