Friday, October 30, 2009

Update,on Woods

Baby Woods,
As of about 3;30,his fever had went down some,not gone yet,
And he wanted something to eat ,he has not done that in a few days now,
They have ran test & more test & more test !!
And still do not know whats wrong with him,
Thank you for praying,
Will you still pray for him,
Nobody understands whats going on,
We are very worried,
So much has gone on in our families lately,
I feel as though I'm asleep at times,
Thanks again !!:o)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our Families ,need some prayer warriors,

This is sweet baby John"Woods"Carter
My Aunt Debras first grandbaby,
This picture was taken when he was a day old,
He was born 2 weeks ago yesturday,
he was 7'1 & 19 in,long looks just like his daddy, my cousin C,J Carter.

His mother is Randi,
in this picture with pink on,
this was taken when he was 4 days old,My Aunt is in the purple,
she is my daddys baby sister,

She called me about 2 hours ago,
Woods has been put in hospital,
with high fever & crying when you touch him,

They are running test,all that have been done so far ,shows nothing,

PLEASE I'm asking to
pray for this sweet baby..

We all are very worried,
But I cant even began to know how Randi & CJ feel,?

He was so perfect on this day,

Thank ya'll ,once again,

I will keep yall updated..

Lord ,I ask that you will please be with Woods, you & only you can help him & give those doctors wisdom in this time,

I love you,LORD,THANK YOU !!

Monday, October 26, 2009

All the above !!!

Update :A,Becky passed away sat morning, we are going up today,they live in athens Ga, bout two hours away,please say a prayer for us,Jim needs it right now,the past few mths, have been hard..I love yall,thank yall..

My computer is in the shop, wont be ready till end of week,or next week sometime,
I'm using my moms right now,dont know when I will be around one again, I wanted you all to know ,I hav'nt forgot about you,

Most of us have been sick ,just took Dakota to the doc,& I may have to go in the next few days if I dont get better,,WHAT is all this mess going around ????

I will try to be back around as soon as I can,got LOTS to post about...

Thanks again for your prayers,,& for all the great words of comfort you all have sent,,,

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Asking for your prayer;

On monday after noon Jims Aunt Becky Ann,(his mamas sister)
had a heart attack,it was bad,
She has been on life support ever since ,they was hoping she would come out of the coma,
but has not, I talked to Jims sister a few mins ago & she said they are starting to take her off the meds, they have her on,,
Please pray for her & our family,
Jim has yet to get over the loss of his uncle a few weeks ago,this is going to be hard..

God knows what he is doing in our family,even though we dont understand,
Thank ya'll,,

(I will post a picture of her later)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

And the WINNER is ??????

You was ahead only by one vote,,only because Ms Tracy used your blog to read mine,
you should thank her,,lol
Some of you did the post & all & did'nt even answer the questions,

Drum rolllll,,PLEASE,,,,

***Ms Nina***
You should be getting them in the mail
in about a week or so,,,

Hope you enjoy :o)

Monday, October 19, 2009

To the club :D

OK so a few weeks ago I joined the
......*Big Butt Club*.......

I did not do anything on last monday cause of a sickness that was going through my household,
And monday was my day to have it,
So for this monday I have to catch up a bit,
Sorry ,! I mean alot,

This weekend was full of FUN, but busy ,
Thursday & Friday we had fall break ,no school,"*yoohoo*"
Opening weekend of deer season "*yoohoo*"
We had someone to spend the night ,fri nt,
& Friday it began to get cold,not cool ,but cold."*yoo hoo*"
(this morning we had our first frost) "*yoohoo*"
Sat ,morning we had a few people to come over for a while
to eat breakfast. (I got up to fix ,opening day breakfast),

And yesturday was Homecoming at our church ,"*yoohoo*"
(can you tell the things i like ?)
Oh & yesturday after church ,we went saw my new baby cousin
that was born wed, & then me & my husband went hunting, "*yoo hoo*"

So for all you mamas out there !!!!!!!!!!!
Do you see the things I hav'nt done in a few days ?????
Clean house ...boohoo :(
I hav'nt got out fall & winter clothes yet...boohoo :(
And today is mon,so we have to get back on school :(
And tonight we start 8 weeks of prayer,"burdens in prayer"
at our church,dont get me wrong thats a good thing, just got to
get alot done before 7;00p.m.

So to get off my BUTT today ,I have got to catch up..
Pray for me I'm going to need it,,lol

For real,would you join me tonight at 7;30 to pray,
for any burden you may have ,we all need to pray more.. you all...have a good BUSY monday...

Oh yeah !!
I said all weekend to I was starting a diet today too,
I'll let you know if that works out ,,hahahaha

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Update on Give'away




Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My First Give'away..

I am having my first give'away,
It should'nt be hard to play by the rules,
since I started this blog in July,

I got my gift ideas from Ms Nina,& the reason is some of ya'll can't get Fall things where you live.
Which I think is a crying shame,boo hoo :O(

Here are the ten things you have to do or answer;

(1)Leave a comment,about what you do or do not like about my blog:(I do not get my feelings hurt easy,be truthfull)

(2)Post about this give'away atleast 24 hours;
(I would do a button like all the rest of you do ,but dont know how :( (let me know in your commet that you did)

(3)Let me know how you found out about this give'away,
(like through what blog )

(4)What is one of my favorite movies ?

(5)What did I do for Labor day ?

(6)What is my oldest nephews name?

(7)How many sibilings do I have?

(8)When is my anniversary?

(9)I have posted many happy b-days,who is the 2nd I posted about?

(10)What date did I get saved on;(the whole date)becareful sometimes I post a day ahead or a day late.

O.K ,So this is how it works,on
# 1 you will get 2 votes
# 3, 3votes ,plus the person you found out from ,will get 2 extra votes,so be sure to post about it, you never know who is going to read through you :o)
#4-9 1vote
#10, 3 votes
I'm going run this for a week, next tues, the winner will be announced:
if there is a tie I will then draw one from them,

This is something like what you will win::::drum roll please,,

I will mail the winner not ONE but TWO Fall decorations,that will look something like this one,
I hope you have fun playing,,

***Have a good tuesday****

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Oct,10th--5years ago...

Five years ago ,God saved my husband.

On Oct 6th his grandma past away,God begin to work on him even harder,It had started bout ,1 month before this,(Gods working that is)

Bro Michael (my pastor at the time) had been talking with him showing the kind of love a preacher does.

Jim didnt understand what was wrong with him either did I ,I had only been saved 2 mths and was still on ,the thought of its really this good!!
But anyway this week his grandma past away & Bro Michael had went to a camp of week long prayer & and was praying the whole time for Jim to be saved & had other preachers in prayer for him..

Jim was all by hisself on a sat,night on his way home for a party,when God told him if he wrecked that truck ,he would die and go to hell,Jim ask God at that time what ever it takes I dont want to go to hell,please save me.
****Its been wonderful****

(The day of his baptism)
I had been saved in Aug,we got married in Aug,
He was saved in Oct,
God not only saved him & me ,married us.
He called him to preach 9months later,

( His first message)Aug,14-05 Living Waters Baptist Church.
Out of ,Song of Solomon ch 5,vs 2.
God has been so GOOD to us ,he could have just saved us & never Blessed us again,
But he has done SO much more for us.
We now have a family* We still day by day love God more & more*
*We love each other more & more everyday*We have a wonderful church* great friends*
the list goes on & on& on &on,,
He is so WONDERFUL !!!!!!!!!
One of Jims favorite songs "Take my hand,Precious Lord"
a few words to this song, "Hear my cry,hear my call,hold my hand lest I fall,
Take my hand,precious Lord,lead me home."

One of his favorite vs,-Ps 34 vs6 "This poor man cried ,& the LORD heard him,& saved him out of all his troubles"

** Bless the name of the Lord today -he did'nt have to save us **
(he still would be GOD)
** Pray for a blessing on those who helped pray for you **
Thank you Bro Michael & Ms Nina,we love ya'll so much :o)

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Yes we have been partying,,

I did'nt have time to post all these as we had them ,we had so much going on , we have been so busy..
But, I'm trying to catch up,
So back on Sept,12, We was invited to send the afternoon with my Aunt Cindy,she turned 50,
My Uncle Marshall gave her a surprise party,& most of her family & the Cofields was there.

I love this woman !!! :o)

This is her & their only son,Alan one of my favorite cousins,

The very next day,we had another party,for a friend of ours little girl Bailey,
she is their only child also, she turned 11,
All these kids in this picture, are children of parents that have been friends for a very long time,(16 years). Baileys mama is Krista,that sweet blonde baby belongs to Audra,
She tried to have a baby for so long ,&God blessed them with her last jan 1-08
she is a new years baby..her name is Maryana.
And of course all the rest is mine..:o)

Then the next weekend was spen mans (Spencer)(my baby nephew) b-day.
He is the youngest of all the grandkids,they range between 21-8
& there is 11 of them.
Happy 8th b-day spen,,*** beck beck loves you ***
I make him take pictures with me ,can you tell???

And then this past sunday night,
Last but not least,My Preacher,
his b-day was friday , we gave him a party on sunday night after church,

My Preacher ,Bro Richard Clinard...
Forgive me I 'll try to do better next time with b-days,
(ok maybe not)
Check back with me on the 10th for the most important b-day of the month,,
it has the BEST story,,,
Enjoy your thursday,,,!!!:o)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I must say when I clicked on to the blog Heavenly Humor & saw the title to her post,
I thought somebody had got a picture of me bending over & put it up on the web,,??
And she was posting about it..
So I clicked on with one eye open the other shut praying,,please dont let it be me,,

It was'nt, Thank God!

I did go on to read, and what a great idea,
I have found myself,loving to blog,reading blogs,e-mails,& so on.
So why didnt I think of this??

If you find yourself doing the same & want to do something about it,
go over and take a look,you can find it @ Heavenly Humor,with Ms Deborah Ann or
with Ms Traci @ GraphicdesignsbyTraci & @ ordinary inspirations for the everyday wife mommy&amphomemaker.

Thank You to Ms Deborah for it not being
& for letting Ms Traci know I needed some help.
Thank You to Ms Traci for your help .!! :o)

Everyone have a good Hump- Day :o)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Camping & Good news

Today I post two pictures to show God is answering prayer in my family on both sides,
& a smilebox of our camping trip in the fall..

Jim's daddy came out to the camp on friday night,& spent about 4 hours with us,we had a great time with him..,Its been years since he came to just spend time with us.

Since U,Spencer past away him & Jim has talked 2 to 3 times a week on the phone.
He says he is coming to our home coming in a few weeks.

This is me & one of my sisters,Rhonda (she is next to the oldest ) & she would do anything for me..we are very close.

She has in the past few mths,been talking like she never has before,,,like church,ask mama to find her a blue jean skirt so just in case she wants to go to church she can,& she also told me one day she thinks she is going crazy ..(Im praying its convection)

She came out on thursday & friday to spend time with us, She was around my preacher on friday,

She called me sat morning & said,

"I like your preacher,I wish I had sundays off so I could come to church with ya'll"

I started to cry,shes never told me that before.

Please keep our family in your prayers,The LORD is answering all at one time,

I love you LORD,Thank you !!

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