Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving day at my house.

For the first time ever, we had Thanksgiving at my house.
There was 20 people at my small house on thursday,
So its a good thing we are close,lol :o)
My mama with my CRAZY nephews,
the 3 oldest grand children.
Next to the oldest grandchild Aj, with
his girlfriend Jordan,(she so sweet)

Me with these 3 crazy boys.(I am the favorite aunt)lol....
and I am the oldest in this picture if you are going by height,

The boys & my daddy,Nothing like pawpaw, :o)

Stephen (the oldest grand child)with his to sweet ;) girlfriend Erika,
I got a g:);)d feeling someday she will be my niece-in-law,
They sure know how to pick pretty girls.!

Look at all that food,& it would'nt even
fit into the picture,food was everywhere!!

This is my little brother Cody ,yall didnt know I had
a brother 19 years younger than me, did you ??
My wonderful mawmaw with my children,
Me & Daddy, so in love :o)
This is my sister Robins children,(the next set of grandkids that came along)
Brenda leigh 17,(in the gray) Haleigh 13,
& Dustin 15,
This was our first Thanksgiving in about 6 or 7 years that we got to see them,
God has been so good to us this year,
And now,,**For what I was Thankful for the most,at this time on thursday was this picture,

ALL, 11 of my mama & daddys grandchildren together for the first time,
We have never been able to get this picture in the past years,
I still cant believe it, I cry every time I think of my mamas & daddys face as they looked at them all,
You may have the perfect family & this may not mean anything to you ,but it sure means alot to me, my family is not perfect ,drugs are in our family & it has destroyed it,
Mine & Jims family(out of us 4 sisters) is the only one who is not split up,
Do you know why ???
Because God picked us up out of drinking, drugs,lying & cheating 5 years ago saved us & put my family together,, What a WONDERFUL GOD we serve.
LORD I'm Thankful today for my family !!!
Please pray for these 11 children,
they are my heart ,But they need God,
he's the only one, that when they have a family,
He can keep it together.
(kids I want yall to know I pray for you day & night,I love you all SO much)

The 3 at top are brothers,my oldest sister Renees 41 , Stephen 21-Aj 19-Bobby 17.
The next 3 are my sister Robins 35 ,Brenda leigh 17-Dustin 15-Haleigh 13.
The next 4 are mine 31,Emily 13(shes my step baby:) my twins Dillon ,Dakota 12-Cheyenne 9.
And the baby of all the grandkids is the one with his arms crossed :)My sister Rhondas 39-1 & only child is, Spencer 8.(she said she isnt crazy like we are.haha)

Yes ,boys out do the girls,
But the girls rule,(they think)

I sure hope your Thanksgiving was a BLESSING like ours,,


Amrita said...

Hi Becka, like your new blog look and header photo.

Thank you for introducing us to your beautiful family , such warmth and love and also of what God has done in your lives.

Pay that all the 11 youngsters may come to faith , and the girlfriends too.

You all look so charming. I like your pic. with Daddy.

karen hopkins said...

I am so proud of you, Becka, for your transparency in saying perfection is not in your family. Might sound weird, but so many non believers think Christians are perfect. Jesus is the only ONE who is Perfect, so its so refreshing to read what you wrote, knowing you have relied on His healing to keep your family together.. Thank you so much for sharing your Holiday photos, and your honesty at the end.. YOu are a blessing!

Sande said...

Those are more than amazing pictures. They are legacy and heritage and destiny all walking around in eleven of your most precious people.

I can see why your mums heart expands to bursting when she looks at them. What a wonderful day for them. A lifetime to see the most potent fruit of their lives.

A Thanksgiving right there.

Nina in Portugal said...

What a Blessing!!


All the grandkids together..finally!

God IS Good!

Amen and Amen!!

Fantastic pictures...everyone has grown SOOOO much.

Tracy said...

I like your background~too cute! I'm still looking for one...I'm not totally happy with my new one ;o}

I grew up in a family of deer parents and both my brothers have always hunted...but it's just not for me:o}

My dad always says it's because I can't sit still long enough ;o}

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Becka, It looks like a wonderful, very blessed Thanksgiving get-together!!!! Thank you dear friend for popping in! I am swamped with drawing orders, and so have not been able to get to my blog! I will need to set aside time this coming weekend!

Blessings & Aloha!

Nicky said...

Hi Becka, Wow, this is such a privilege to meet all your folks, it's as if we were there! It must have been such an emotional gathering!. Will keep you all in my prayers, in Jesus'name. x

Dani Joy said...

awww.. what a blessing for sure! This is a work of the Lord! I know He has great things in store for your family. He saved you to be a light to them. Praising Jesus´name with you!

I am filled to overflowing seeing your beautiful family all together.

God bless you, Becka,
Dani Joy

Deborah Ann said...

Sounds like Thanksgiving was a big hit! I have no doubt that you ARE the favorite aunt...favorite sister...favorite in my case...friend.