Sunday, November 8, 2009

To the club,,

Well ,this week was busy once again ,I stared even harder on diet,had something to do every nt, & On Friday ,we didnt get home till around 6, and if you live somewhere that the time changes,

you know 6pm is dark, which I dislike this time ,feel like its always DARK !!!!

But anyway, I did some cleaning, Jim & kids watched some racing,

On sat,they got up Jim & Dillon went hunting ,

I cleaned somemore,,We got ready to go to a get together,at a friends house,We had a great time, Cheyenne spent the night w-her sunday achool teacher with a few other girls, So some how I GOT TALKED INTO HAVING 5 BOYS AT MY HOUSE BECAUSE SISITER WAS'NT GOING TO BE HOME,,
But they was good, :o)

So Sunday , was church my favorite day of the week,Service was wonderful, & we started Christmas play practice, woo hoo !
I love Christmas plays,

Today I will be doing school, cleaning, cooking & going to prayer meeting at 7;30,

Maybe this week will be a little more laid back than last week,????

We'll see ,,;o(

I hope you all have a great Monday & make the best of it..........

P.s (can you do p.s on blogs ???)

I just had to show this ,this was yesturday between church,most of the time me & Jim both get a nap,but I stayed up to get some clothes washed up,when he went off to sleep Trudy jump up and went to sleep with him ,I thought it looked sweet so I took the first picture,,When I told him it was time to get up ,I walked off & few mins later walked back by & this is what she was doing,climbing up to his face to wake him,

Shes so funny,

...... :o :o :o) :o) .....


karen hopkins said...

love the photo of the dog... is it a Shit zu? We had our " Bronco" shit zu, from 6 weeks old till we had to put him down at 17 Years old.. Loved that dog... sigh.. Thanks for the comment on the praise poem, too, Becka.. I love being able to post stuff on Threads of Hope.. Gods surely been busy showing me, and giving me stuff to write about! Today , already, there are 2 new posts because of His awesomeness!!

Deborah Ann said...

Girl, does hubby know he's front and center on your blog, in his pajamas? Hee hee...