Friday, November 6, 2009

Trying to get caught up ...

Hello Everyone,I have had so much to post about ,it would be after christmas before I would ever get caught up,.So I have made smile boxes to show some of what we have been doing this fall,.We have been so busy,.We have had sickness,flooding ,sad to say death,computer in shop & a new member of the family to be born.We have had good times as we have had sad times the past few months.

But the Lord has been so good to us in all of this,,

I hope you enjoy,maybe this gets me caught up untill the new week,(maybe)

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Tranquility

Click to play this Smilebox scrapbook: Fall

Oh ,I am going to start doing a post every wednesday,about Fall ,
They will be called ,-No Words wednesday weather- or words for wednesday weather.-.
The point of it is pictures of fall, may tell what the picture is from may not,,a few of you have ask me to post all I can about fall pictures, so you can have a piece where you live , So I may going to do it this way , I take sooo many pictures I need to pick one day just for this topic,

PLEASE join me for this ,it can be old pictures or new,,they can be of anything that is apart of fall,or reminds you of fall, I think it will be alot of fun,seeing all different pictures ,
Hope you all will be a part of this,

Have a fallish weekend everyone,

Get out & take those fall pictures,,,


Deborah Ann said...

LOVED your videos! That one of you and hubby in your hunting outfits is precious! How's baby Woods? He looks adorable in those pictures!

Charlotte said...

Hi Becka,

I enjoyed the Fall picture show. My personal favororite was "Kick in the Butt" with the head out the window photograph. Thanks for sharing.