Thursday, November 12, 2009

When I think of fall,

I was going to start this on wednesday,
But our internet has been down off & on,
So for my first post on Fall,
This is a few things I think of ,during the time of weather change,

.... CHILI ....
.... VEGGIE-SOUP ....

I love when I'm able to cook to big pots,( one of each )
And we eat on it all weekend or a few times that week,
This is two of my favorite meals,in the fall & winter time.
I know its fall when I or someone else says
"Its a good cool day for veggie soup"



Charlotte said...

Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year. I just love your sweet door decoration. Have a wonderful weekend,


Nina in Portugal said...

Oh...that's just wrong!!

To post about AND show a picture of your veggie soup!! I MISS it soooo bad!!

We can't get okra here, so it's just not the same without it. I tried one time to make it, but without okra...I didn't care for it.

Eat a bowl for me!!

Thanks for your email!! I'll keep praying for Renee!