Monday, November 16, 2009

Why are weekends so Busy ??

Does anyone know why weekends are so busy ?

When its the weekend , you are suppose to rest & not have to work.

Welcome to my weekend :o)
The redo of our SIDEWALK.....
With all the flooding that has been going on the past few months
our sidewalk began to look like a "waterwalk" or mush walk,it was ugly,
So daddy said we needed to do something,

As they worked on that,(daddy & the boys)
Me & cheyenne, did some cutting of bushes & flowers for the winter,

This is what one of my flower beds looked like before,
& if you look to the left of the side walk in the picture above this is what it looks like now.

I know what most of you are thinking,
"Its ugly now"
Thats the same thing my husband says every fall when I do this,
But if you want them to do better next year, you better cut back.
My mawmaw (Ms Green thumbs) taught me that.

My chidren are very hard workers,:o)

This is the end product,of the sidewalk,
Looks much better !!

After the hard work of the sidewalk & bushes,,

Cheyenne found some bugs(rolypoly's) to play with,
My kids are also not scared of anything.

I took the time to take some Fall pictures of my dogs,
that I love so much.



This dog is so happy all the time,,,:o)

Out of these two Trudy is the boss,,

So at the end of the day,.
I cooked a home made pizza for everyone.

Cheyenne had someone over to spend the night,
On yesturday, the kids had more children over between church times,
But when dont we have other children over ??
But thats ok with me,because it helps my children to have something to do..
We had to be back at church at 4;30 for play practice,
So yesturday was as busy as saturday<:o)
Oh ! & I must tell you, we had someone to get saved yesturday, how wonderful is that???
Well is any of ya'lls weekends ,always busy,? Do you ever have a weekend that you dont do ANYTHING ??
...May God Bless you all with a wonderful week...


Deborah Ann said...

Aw, cute puppy dogs and kids! Your sidewalk looks fabulous!

Dani Joy said...

yeah our weekends are sooo busy too! we needed a break from our weekend and had a half day of school today. still felt rushed a bit though.

Beautiful garden and sidewalk!

Dani Joy