Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Is it wrong ??

Is it wrong to play match maker ???
This is Karen, she is 30 years old,
She just bought her first house,
Has a great job, shes beautiful,
A sunday school teacher to the girls at our church,
She can sing ,like we wished we could,
Loves church ,is always there when something is going on,
But she needs & wants a good man,
Everybody in our church is always trying to find her someone.
What happen to all the good men, ??
Does no man not want somebody like her ??
But my question is ;;
Is it wong that we do this ???
...... ;O ;O ......????


Nina in Portugal said...

I only think it's wrong if she would rather you not do it.

As long as she doesn't mind....match away!


Deborah Ann said...

Aww...wish she were just a little younger. My 22 year old twins are still looking for that perfect someone..

God's Been Good said...

I agree with Mrs. Nina, as long as she doesn't mind...haha...hmm...wonder how I would feel about it? hmm...


Becka said...

No ladies she does'nt mind,
she all about us trying to help her find the right man,,

Sande said...

Guessing an international connection is no good?