Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Every year I set out taking picture, after picture ,after picture,
of my children ,in hopes of the perfect picture for the christmas card.
And to give ,Mawmaws,Pawpaws,Aunts, & everyone else in the family,for Christmas.

This is a few I took friday & will be taking more in the next week.
Do me a favor ? Leave me a comment & vote on the ones you like best,
I will post more next week & you can vote on them.
Please I need help,,,,:o)

Oh,& since this is thanksgiving week,
I want to Thank the LORD for my children !!
They are perfect,Ilove them so much,,

Thank you God for giving me these 3 children ,they have made me who I am,all because of you,
Lord I pray you save them if they are not saved,& if they are Lord ,I pray you use them for your glory . I love you Lord ,Thank you, Amen.

*** My, sweet country boy Dillon ***

***My, miss I think Im grown Cheyenne***

***My ,Mr independent Dakota***


karen hopkins said...

Awesome photos!! I love 5,6 and 7 photos - kids and trees just make me smile.. Those are my favorites, so far, lol..

Nina in Portugal said...

The one of them sitting on the picnic table. Looking forwards, not looking backwards.....I LOVE that one!

My second choice would be the one of them kneeling down on the road.

You are a wonderful photographer! And you have some adorable subjects!!

(Cheyenne is basically grown...from what I remember her being like anyway....!!!Wow..she's so beautiful!)

Deborah Ann said...

Hands down, the very last picture is the most gorgeous of all. But how could your pictures not be gorgeous when you have three such gorgeous kids!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving, my sweet, funny friend!

Sande said...

Very nice. Yup. I'm with the first one on the picnic bench too.

How to describe how much kids expand your heart ... next to impossible isn't it?