Sunday, August 2, 2009

The time has arrived !!!

My Husband says the time has come..

for our 12 year old boys to help with the real work.

since we remodeled the inside of our house last year we
have been wanting to start on the deck ,,
that we have talked about for about 5-6yrs now !:)

So the past few weeks "well all summer"
we have been talking about a pool (yes I said a POOL !!)
So on friday afternoon Jim put hiself & the boys to work.
they did not come in friday till about 11p.m.

And got started yesturday around 10am
& worked till about 5p.m...
I got the 3 hardest working men around :)

Jim just so happy the boys can help & understand
whats going on ..(yes im sad my babies are 12 & can do hard work) :(

As they was finishing up,it was snack time.
"Cold Cantaloupe"
whats better than that ???on a hot aug,day..

Trudy just wants to know when is the noise
going to be over with ????
" forget the deck just put the hammer up"


Nina in Portugal said...

Poor Trudy!!

I'm jealous! I've been screaming for a pool all summer....and I got nothing!

Not even a baby pool to stick my feet in!

Poor me...I know you feel sorry for me...


Becka said...

I do feel sorry for you Ms Nina,
if I could get one in a box I would send you one,I promise!