Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Krista is doing better,45percent of her heart is working now
& no blood clots anymore,Thank you LORD !
as of now she is going to be on lots of meds for the rest of her life.
please keep her in your prayers,,( shes the one in the gray between me & audra)
32 yrs old,,not old enough to be having a heart attack.

Bible School was wonderful last week,on friday some of the parents
came we had a grillout , awards time, & then game time,,
until one parent stepped in ,((to her it was taking to long)) to carry small bucket
back & forth,, so she cheated & talked some kids in picking the big bucket of water up.Stevie i love you but you did cheat,,LOL (but,that is why kids love you)

We also had a balloon release, it was so prettyas they went up.

This little girl is now Dawns best friend,,& boy is she a mess.
We love you Morgan !!

Full house,,,

singing time,,,

A BIG Thank you to all of the parents that let your children
come,, I fell in love with so many children last week,I cried
sunday when it hit me that it is over till next year.
So many kids that have such hard times that we dont even think about.
Dont know if you think like I do & i'm ashamed to say we get so caughtup in our own lives
we dont think how bad some people have it..

Lord I pray what the chidren learned ,they never forget
& for me to stop thinking my kids dont have enough ,& to start praying for those who dont even have a home with a mama & daddy.
...... Becka ......

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