Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Celebrate with me !!

Today is Me & my Loves 5 th Anniversary,

On Aug,20,04 We went to the court house
& got married ,2 weeks after I was saved.
Can you tell how happy he is ?:) ?:) ?:)
At the time I didnt care,
All I knew was God had told me to, & my pastor
had talked to me about needing to be, before I got baptized.
I knew that was the next step in living for the Lord.
So during a work day,on a friday,
We knew we had to go fill out some paper work & then
they would set us a date to come back & get married ??
So we thought ??
But do you know our LORD does what he wants to,when he wants to,,
We got to the court house & to our surprise !! they didnt have anybody up there at that time,
she said "we can do it NOW"," Fill out this" "Come this way".
(he also dont give us that time to talk our way out) Is'nt JESUS wonderful !!!
We got it done, one of Gods childern one not,,not yet!!
I always wanted a church wedding, so we came up with the idea
the next year our first ann, would fall on a sat, so we would renew
our vows.

...So Thats what we did....

It was wonderful, because this time he was saved.
It takes GOD to do this...
WE celebrate alot this time of year,,
Me being saved aug 6,we stated our life together in
aug-13 yrs ago,,we got married in aug, & Jim will be saved
5 yrs in oct.

Have I said this already ?? Is'nt JESUS wonderful!!

I am married to the love of my life,
....Because of Him....
The night we got married we said every year (the Lords will)
we would take atleast aday (24hours) to spend time together, (you know mama, daddy time,no kids)
The first year we went back & stayed in the same cabin,in pine mt Ga,
the next year we didnt have the money to go anywhere so we got a sitter & stayed at the house.
Last year we went in April,cause it was in the middle part of the year before our ann,cause we didnt get to go on our ann.(that doesnt make any sense, could 'nt think how to word it)
Anyway,,this year in the morning we are going to North Carolina & staying till sunday morning,
I know my man is the best !!:) LOL
It always helps to get away,but it sure helps to spend that away time with the one you love,.
I'm not a bad mom,I learned a few years back,that time away not only is good for you, its good for them..
So I'm going to have a good weekend ,Hope you do the same.
Will post pictures when I get back.
(take a few min to do something nice for you husband,they do have to put up with us right?)
Oh I also added a knew side bar,for prayer reqest,if you would like for me to help you pray for anything I will do so & add it to list.


Nina in Portugal said...

I can't wait to see the pictures!!
Have a great deserve it!!

Happy Anniversary Girl!! (You too Bro. Jim!)


Pilar said...

Happy annniversary! What a great story! and I will have to agree with you, we serve a great God!

Your dress was beautiful btw!

Dani Joy said...

What a beautiful story! What a testimony of God´s work in your lives! I pray that this can be for several of the couples on my husband´s football team.

Thank you for sharing your day with us.

Happy Anniversary!

The Swan's said...

Thanks for your kind words and for visiting my blog today. Happy Anniversary to you! You have a beautiful family. We are expecting girls and have not settled on names yet.

Amrita said...

Hi Becca, thank you for visiting my blog and praying for my sister.

I am impressed by your blog. You are God 's instruments.

God bless you on your anniversary.

I 'd like to be your visitor.

Tracy said...

I know this is a little late....but Happy Anniversary! I have been so busy and just popped in for a quick catch up ;o}

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Happy Anniversary :o)

What a great post and photos.

Blessings & aloha!

(also...thank you for stopping by! If I said that already...oops...cant keep track of where I've been or where I'm going , sometimes!)

Haha love that you enjoyed my drawings :o) definitely keep me in mind for anything...a horse for your girl, deer for your boys, church for you and your hubby! :o)