Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Birthday ;) Ms Nina !!

Today is MsNina birthday,,

she is a very good friend of mine;she was my pastors wife
for about a year.

God called them to the mission field in oct,2007
This was there last service at Living Waters Baptist,
in LaGrange Ga.

I miss her so much,wish I could see her today & take her
for a cup of coffee,,( she loves coffee )

MsNina I hope you have a great day,I love you & miss you.

Oh & I just realized I almost got saved on your b-day how neat is that!!?

((she also has a blog for those of you that dont know her..go over and take a look..she always has something good))http://www.portugalbound.blogspot.com/


..call a friend today & tell them what they mean to you ;) (you never know they might need it)


Nina in Portugal said...

Oh My Gosh...How sweet are you!?!?

Thanks girl!!

And I wish we could sit down and chat over a cup of coffee too!

You've made my day!!


Pilar said...

I have been reading Nina´s blog for a while now and we actually met in Madrid in june! I am sure she thought this post was the sweetest bday present!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, hope you enjoyed it! I will be stopping often, and hope to see you around my blog soon :)

Blessings to you my new friend

Dani Joy said...

Hi from Spain! What a wonderful idea to post a Birthday greeting to Nina! A great way to get it to her too! What a blessing you must have been in their church! And to know you are still following the Lord is the greatest Joy any Pastor and Pastor´s wife can know. ;)

thank you for visiting! So fun to meet new Christian sisters! Nina has been such a huge blessing to me and I met her blogging too. Low and behold we were neighbors. well, 5 hours away that is.

Keep striving in the service for our King!

Nina in Portugal said...

I just read this post again...and I want to cry....

I miss you guys so much!

I wish we could go coon hunting again....but just sit by the fire and eat hot dogs and marshmallows....or go see the Christmas Parade on the square and drink coffee from a thermos....

I MISS LaGrange!!!!