Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Birthday My MAMA.....

HappyHappy B-day to my mama....
Today is the Best Mother in the worlds b-day,
Her name is Brenda Cofield,
she is the mother of this 4 brats,
Renee,Rhonda,Robin & yes her baby .lol.(me) Rebekah
( & yes this pic is old )

Mama, happy b-day ,I love you so much,

You have always stood by me no matter what,
through my good & BAD.!!!

I dont no what I would do without you,,

Let me take that back what would any of us do without you ???

You are the BEST mama ,mawmaw & friend anyone could ever want :D.
I love you !!
Hope you have a Great day!!!!
( if you still have your mama ,?call her tell her what she means to you)


Nina in Portugal said...

Happy Birthday Ms. Brenda!!

What a wonderful tribute to your momma, Ms. Rebekah!

Pilar said...

I guess Aug16 is a good day for people to have bdays :) Both my nephew and father in law had bdays yesterday :)

Happy bday to your mom :O)

Dani Joy said...

How sweet! What a special tribute!
My b day is tomorrow. jejeje
Thanks for sending me your link. i will be keeping in touch.
have a lovely day!
I will definitely be calling my Mom and Grandma the most influecial people in my life!

Amrita said...

Very beautiful family.

Greetings to Mama