Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Its been five WONDERFUL years !:)

GAL,2,20-21 Iam crucified with Christ nevertheless I live;
yet not I,but Christ liveth in me ;and the life which I now live
in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God,
who loved me, and gave himself for me.
I do not frustrate the grace of God ;for if righteousness
come by the law ,then Christ is dead in vain...
You see,5 yrs ago today before 8pm, I was on my way to hell.
and to be honest at the time I did not care.
but there is a GOD in Heaven who did care for me.
I'm going to give a bit of my testimony,
and I hope you enjoy it.
Before sept 03,I thought I was saved
that month the Lord took someone out of our family
as fast as you can blink your eyes,it was my sisters fiance.
they was so happy onemin,& he was gone the next.
Days after his death I began to hate God & wondered
how can he do that to us ??So for 11 LONG months
I was a person no one wanted to be around.
as the days went on I just got worse. Me & Jim was
already just live in buddys ,didnt love each other the way we should have.
So we was BAD off by this point !! nothing was going right.
but little did I know they was a church praying for us (my daddys church)
The pastor at the time was Bro Michael Andrejewski,
He & his wife Ms Nina had such a burden for us that now when I
think back on it, I think they must have been praying Lord
whatever it takes. But I sure am thankful now..
I went to church on fri aug 6th,it was the last night of revival
meeting, and the only reason why went to church that night
was because my daddy said if I came he would take my youngest
home with him ,jim had the boys,so that told me afterchurch I could
go do what I wanted (no kids). I loaded her up, called my sister told
her I would be there around 9 to party with her.?.?.?.?
BUT GOD butted into my plans,I'll be honest I cant even tell you
if anybody else was there,I just heard a message & in that God told me
if I left that church unsaved I'd die & go to hell.
I guess you know what happened after that.
That night not only did he save me ,he told me I was about to start living,
& that my husband was the one & we needed to marry ? WHAT ? yes thats what I said !!
We had always said we would never marry,but I knew what God told me to do.
so 2 days later I told Jim we had to marry or I had to leave,,
And to my surprise he said ok..WHAT ?? yes i said it again.

This is us 2 weeks after i was saved,,I'm so happy,
but cant say the same
for him,,,look at that face ??
we had went to the court house on aug 20th
in the middle of a work day & got married.(one year later on our ann we had our ann we had a church wedding)

I hope you understand why I make such a big deal out of
this day,,
I was a drunk ,a drugy,not a good mother ,not a good friend ,
not a good anything..But GOD put us into the hearts of some people
that loved us ,so they would pray for us day & night.
its funny Bro Michael told us later when they first took the
church & meet my Daddy, my Daddy said I got some family that needs to be saved!!
I'm so THANKFUL for my Daddy & Bro Michael & Ms Nina.
I know they didnt save me, but God does use his people.
This is the things I get to see now !!:)

Happy children,,

My Husband is a preacher,
Oh I didnt tell you, the Lord saved him 2 months later .
called him to preach 9 months after that. THANK YOU LORD !

We are so in Love :) :)

I get to see people pray together ,& not only that I 'm now
apart of praying for the lost....

My God has put a family together, that nobody thought
was possible...not even me.

I'm not the perfect christian, but I would like
to be,, I owe him my everything ..
Rev,22 -4 And they shall see his face....
cant wait to thank him.....
" I've got so much to thank him for"
Thank you ,to all who prayed for us
its been 5 WONDERFUL years..!:)

...... thank someone today,someone who has helped you in your life ......


Nina in Portugal said...

What a beautiful post!

Reading your testimony brought back so many memories...


of Michael helping Bro. Jim move his shop. Him coming home covered in greases and telling me Jim tried to pay him, but he told him he didn't want money, he just wanted Jim to come to church one Sunday. And then I remember him telling me...."Nina..I can see him preaching one day...." And I believe him Rebekah...I saw the look on my husbands face...he KNEW Jim would get saved and become a preacher!!

You make me smile girl....!!!

I sure love ya!

Becka said...

O,, Ms Nina !
You are making miss you more,
the past few weeks I have been thinking on this day & you have been in every thought.

!!!!! I miss you.!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Aint God Good... we know God still saves... please pray for Nina's brother Zac and step father to be saved... have your church pray for them...
Wanda Williams (Nina's Mom)

Becka said...

Hey Ms Wanda,,aka Ninas mom,
thank you for stopping by, hav'nt seen you in a long time. hope you are doing good?.

I will be sure to pray for them,
& will ask my church to do the same.

Tracy said...

Hey! I'm so glad you visited my's not very often I run across people who have the same interests and desires that I do. I look forward to getting to know you...Have a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

Becka, Nina'a step fathers name is Terry Williams.. thank you for praying!
Iam doing well thank you.
Wanda Williams