Friday, August 28, 2009

Pictures from rafting trip...

A few weeks ago I posted about Jim going rafting
with some of the men from the church..
This post is the pictures, & me saying what I think
they was thinking by,their looks.Because it would be a boring post,
without words, RIGHT??

O.K maybe not,, I just like to imagine what people think ?:o)

These two, all I could guess is they did'nt have us ,
to say"come right here, stand here,I need a picture of this."
So they did their best :)

My sweet nephew A.J is thinking,,
WHAT have I got myself into ???
(I'm sure of this thought)!

But I do think Mr Huber is thinking the same thing
Look at that face. & it looks like my Preacher is telling him
Its going to be o.k Buddy !!!

Matt & Richard look like they need help getting up.?

Now ,this is them getting lessons on what to do,,,
how long it takes,bla ,bla ,bla,

O.k ,So I'm not sure why my Preacher makes this face,
I talked to him yesturday bout it ,still did'nt get a answer,
but thats o.k..
Preacher WHATS up with this face ????
........He so funny,,all the time........

Swim Break,on the river,,

Looks to me like Jim & Richard are trying to stay away
from the other crazy men!!

Richard says,,Thank You Jesus I made it !!
Home I go ..
( he does'nt know how to swim)
Ya'll have a great weekend,,love you all,,
( make some memories with some friends ;D )


Amrita said...

Looks like a lot of fun

Tracy said...

I L.O.V.E. the river!

We are going to the lake MOnday if it doesn't rain...the kids and I are gonna spend the day with my big brother :o}

Looks like a blast!

Dani Joy said...

these are hilarious!

love the ones of the guys jumping off the rocks!