Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I want one !! :)

Have you ever wanted somthing that you know you wont ever have ,that you dont need, & that would make absolutly NO sense in having one ??(does that make sense ??)

Well we have been having some work done in our yards ,trees cut ,cleaning up.You know that work that always gets put off ;)


............just kidding ;) ;D....this is after...

The guy we got doing all the hard work has got some of the coolest machines,

& I want one of these BAD BOYS !!

Not to sure what the correct name is for one of these,

I just know they dont play,

Me & my kids watched yesturday,as this machine cut about 15 trees to the ground in about 15 mins,,,good school lesson,,,

OK ,maybe they didnt learn anything just that mom wants one.

I told them if I had one I would be one of the..NO NO! I would be THE coolest mom around this part of Ga,

We could mud ride like no one else,,this thing can cross a ditch, climb a hill, cut a tree down all at the same time,,forget that 4 wheel drive boys, something new is in town!;)

.....call a friend today,,remind them of a good time yall have had together,memories are wonderful...

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Nina in Portugal said...

You are so funny...I tell you what...you get yourself one of those things and no one will ever mess with you again!!