Tuesday, August 18, 2009

School time-09

Well, school is almost in full swing at the Butlers house.
I did say almost,,I as a teacher-mama I start slowly,
We stay so busy during our time off, it takes a while to get
back on a schedule. So we started last monday with
a few things & this week I added a few more.
Monday I will add the last few things,
So then the schedule will be in
full swing........

This is what our kitchen table looks like during the
year..has to be cleaned off everynight before supper.

No I'm not one of those people who has
a neat school room to keep all this in or
for my kids to do school in.
So we make room :)


...Cheyenne's room...

...Boy's room...

They get up 7-7;30. they do a few chores to do-eat breakfast.
We get started around 8;30-9;oo,,,
Get done some time around 2;30-3;00 most days
and thats with 10min break & 45 min lunch...

I do try to let them have some fun,,
I'm not that bad of a teacher.
yesturday I let them have a icecream break.....

:) :0 :) ;0 :) ..........

This is a few funny pictures from the past few years,,
I do think school needs to be fun,, Right ???

Trudy thinks she needs to be smart too !!


I love having this time with them....
They make me smile,, when I need it..

( I would like to hear about ya'lls school days )
I like to see how different people do things..
gives me new ideas..I sometimes like change. lol

Yall have a good tuesday--in Christ :0)


Pilar said...

So much fun, i think homeshool is a wonderful way to bond in a different way with your kids.

I don´t homeschool but may be doing it next year, so i always enjoy reading about homeschool moms and methods.

Have a wonderful school year!

Dani Joy said...

Oh this is good! So good to have fun too while homeschooling. I have to always step back and remember that.
I will be getting our schedule together soon and we will be starting the first or second week of Sept. School starts later here in Spain.

Amrita said...

Love these sweet fotos. The kids are so cute.. Love the lamp on the study table