Sunday, July 19, 2009

..Death & V.B.S..

This week has been very sad,,the girl in this pictrue is my nephews girlfriend--brittany, very sweet girl, her grandmother passed away this past friday night,,its been very hard on them.. The girl in the other pictrue with gray on ,her aunt passed away tonight,this aunt is more like her grandma,,& I know their going to miss her very much,,.This morning we got the phone call about Jims uncle Spencer ,they found out friday morning he has 10 brain tumors & two lung tumors, & he's only 61,5 kids & lots of grandkids..they hav'nt said how long he may have & I know only God knows,,but whats so sad he's not saved.Jim says he never remembers him even going to church..could yall please help me PRAY for him & his family !! its very sad for us,, On the other hand we are starting vacation bible this week. theme is " never let your well run dry" so I ask for prayers again for this week & I'm also over it never have done that before so it may be crazy !!!I'm in no kind of way good at handling things,, so I hope you all have a good week .Please keep these families in your prayers. thank you.
....Becka :}


Stonefox said...

Losing someone close is so hard. I pray these girls will keep close to the Lord during this time.

Welcome to the world of blogging and thanks for your encouraging comments! I look forward to seeing you around the blogosphere :)

Nina in Portugal said...

I'll be praying for the Huber's and for AJ's girlfriends family.....death is tough.

And for Bro. Jim's that's sad news to receive...but even sadder is that he's not right with the Lord.

(Hey..It looks like you got the pictures to be large and in the center of your posts...isn't that what you were wanting to do? If you want to type under the pictures, just move your mouse up to the picture and type above or below the picture...easy stuff...!)

June said...

Those of you who know you,Becka, you know that you serve with HEART! Your first year as V.B.S. director was a complete success! Christ was glorified, Bible lessons were learned, songs were challenging and fun, crafts were creative, snacks were yummy, children were smiling and laughing and most importantly WET! You planted seeds this week and made memories that will NEVER be forgotten! God bless you! I appreciate your dedication and hard work!