Monday, July 27, 2009

Boy,What a week !!

Well we got done with Bible School on friday night, Had a great week just very tired,
We had 3 people in hospital last week also,,
2 of those went home,,then last night as we left church we got another phone call that a long time friend of mine had a heart attack- shes only 32 yrsold. does'nt smoke does'nt do drugs,
has been on a diet the past few weeks & lost bout 25-30 pds.
I dont think I understand,,,We know people who do drugs (hard drugs) & their lives seem to go
as they want it too,....And I know GOD is in control,,just sometimes for me I dont understand.!

I ask that you all pray for her & her family,the doc's are going to run more tests today.
I will later post pic's of Bible School & her.
but right now I need to get things done & get out to see her.
!!!THANKS ALWAYS !!! ....:) BECKA ....:)

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