Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Im going to need help with this.

I am new at this blogging thing,

So I,m going to need your help please.

hint hint Ms Nina !!

Im a stay at home mom ,so im always

wanting to call someone & tell what just happen

or show a picture I just took ( i love picture's).

So im starting a blog to help me share what

goes on at the Butler house hold in the

small (redneck) town of Franklin Ga,

hope you enjoy...please ask anything you like..

& give me tips to make it better.



Anonymous said...

trying to get it to work !!!

Anonymous said...

Don't think this means that you don't still have to call me everyday. *Stephanie*

Nina in Portugal said...

Great job!

Your pictures look great! I love the one of the church!

Janis Nix said...

I think you got it girl, your better than you think.
The pictures are great.

Love you,
Janis Nix