Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nantahala River ....

My Husband is leaving me tomorrow about lunch time to go,,rafting down the nantahala river..which looks something like this; I'm miss him already, Don't want him to go,

Not that I don't want him to have a good time, and he is going with some men from the church & thats o.k ..I'm just crazy about him !! :) is that good or bad.?. He told me last night " I've been before without you ,why you being this way "? Oh but its not the same now baby! I didnt care back then if you never came home.. I think he understood!! And for those of you that dont know us ,,we only been saved 5yrs.( well almost 5 aug6th for me & oct 10th for him) we hated each other , BUT !!Oh what God can do to a heart ? or in our case Hearts..So just pray for me friday & sat ...yes he's only going to be gone a little over 24hours..but I still need prayer please.. thanks!!! I will tell our story at a later time.. Becka :)

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Nina in Portugal said...

Bless your heart! You're just pitiful, aren't you!?

I think that was funny telling him that "back then" you didn't care if he ever came home!!!

That's funny...not completely true, I'm sure...but funny none the less!