Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I have teenagers !!!

I now have teenagers,& my baby is 10, :( :( :(

Pray for me I am going to need it,lol ,Last week was hard on me,getting through these BIG days for my babies. Although they was very happy, my heart broke as I thought on the days they was born,(Im crying now) On 4-8-97 The boys came into this world at 2 1/2 mths early,at only 2.6 & 2.10,,I think on how we didnt think they would make,So as you look at this pictures,Maybe you will know as I do GOD is REAL!!

And as I think back on 4-10-00 Our baby girl,also came into this world in a Big way,Me & her both almost didnt make it. I started to have seizures that morning & the only way they could get them to stop was to take her, so 24hours later I woke up to my 6.8 baby girl,.Thank you LORD you was so good to me even when I didnt live for you,

Yall please forgive me for not posting I have been VERY Busy,I'm starting something new in my life,so I have been trying to get it up & going, I will post in few days or so the big news..

Love you all,,

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Nina in Portugal said...

Happy birthday to all three of your beautiful children! Yes, God is Real!!

Tracy said...

I know exactly what you mean...each time a burthday rolls around I have muxed emotions! I'm so sad that they are growing up way too fast, and at the same time I enjoy watching them turn into more mature individuals.

But~just between us ;o) I still wish they were little!

Deborah Ann said...

So many April babies! Mine are all in March. Must have been something about those hot summer nights! heheh...

Your family is beautiful!!!

Jen said...

Thanks for sharing this testimony of God's goodness in your life! And thanks for visiting my blog! Have a wonderful day!