Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thank you !! LORD,

First of all ,I would like to say Thank you for all the prayers during the time of the death of my friend,it was very hard on me & still is at times,but the past few weeks the Lord has helped me so much,,I have to give him the most Thanks of all,
Weekend before last march 5th - 7th we had our meeting at church,on that saturday morning we had a preacher to sing ,he sang the song,"The unseen hand"in the 1st vs, it says-
"There is a unseen hand to me that leads through ways I cannot see"
,,ever since Angela died I just couldnt see Why? Im not one of those who thinks its a sin to ask why,,but I do know I may not know why till I see him, And untill then I know his unseen hand as I go, He gave me peace that morning, after that my husband spoke about love & then another preacher spoke about love & it seemed as though the rest of the weekend was on love
"How much he loves us"??

And he showed us just a glimpse of that on sunday morning,,
He saved 8 souls & 6 was children,,
Thank you Lord ,You are so wonderful !!!

It was a good day to be at church :) :)
This past sunday we had a baptismal service,
Bro Richard got to baptize nine,

First we have the greatest nephew anybody could ever ask for my 20 yr old nephew A.j
he got saved on dec 29th.

Then brother & sister Gabe 14 & Anna 12,
got saved on that sunday morning together,

We had another brother & sister Ricky 10, got saved on a friday nt,feb 5th at a youth meeting,
Kelsie 7 ,got saved on sunday morning also.
This is sweet Angela, she has been coming to church for a while now, dating one of the Huber boys,lol
And the Lord showed her she was not saved,

This is a little girl that Angela has been bringing with her,her name is Katie, I think shes 10,
We love you Katie.:)

This is Chloe 9,the Lord has been dealing with her since before Christmas,
And this is Macie aka mae mae, this is our only red head little girl in church,
I think she is 8,maybe 9..

Lord I want to thank you for what you have done in my heart,
But Thank you most of all for saving souls,
Its wonderful,,
Ilove you Lord,,,


Nina in Portugal said...


What a blessing!

Hey, do you have any pictures of Ms. Junes wedding that you could send me?

I'm still praying for you....

Amrita said...

Beautiful reading your testimony of faith and trust and learning through grief and sadness. Weeping may last through the night but joy comes in the morning.

Praise God for the souls saved and baptisms.

Tracy said...

That's awesome!

Glad to see you back! Still praying for you too ;o}

Deborah Ann said...

Well look at that...unseen Hands at work here. God is moving mightily in your life! Even though it may not always look that way, God is building something beautiful in you and your family. He loves you sooo much! And so do I...