Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I love this time of the Year!!

Ok ,So if you have been following my blog for any time now, you know my most favorite time of the year is, :) Spring & Summer :)
I get beside myself I love it so much,
I love every thing about it, green grass,blooms on my flowers,the hot temps, windows up,a tan(after a whole winter of looking like Im dying,lol)
fishing,yard work (I could care less what my house looks like this time of year as long as my yards are pretty,I know some of you need cpr about now,lol),cookouts,swimming,I mean I could go on & on & on.
I get out of that winter depression, Yes !! I stay depressed in the winter.

But its like I come alive every march 1st. :)

So with that said, this is what we done this past saturday,
One more thing I love, A Garden !!

Its very hard work, but you get to enjoy so much from it,

Now Graceland on the other hand, we couldnt get her to do anything!
Sorry Dog !

Oh wait!!
Shes up !!!
,,Getting the bugs out for us :)

The end result,, for now,

Cant wait till its time to pick & eat from it, :):):)

And for some other news, I was hoping to get the other blog & a facebook set up before giving out the Big news, but we have been sick & in camp meeting so I have been so busy,
So untill then ,I am working on becoming a photographer,(Yall thought I was going to say ," Im HAVING A BABY " NOT!)
Nothing big just for family & friends mostly, & friends of friends that kind of thing, its something I've always wanted to do, now the Lord has blessed us ,to where I can.
I may not be good at it , & never go anywhere with it,but atleast I can 10 years from now say I tried it,
Please say a prayer for me, I got a new camera, getting new photo editing things ,all sorts of stuff I dont know how to use yet,but with prayer, Gods going to help me I know he is...:)

I will let you all know when I get the others set up so you go stop by & look..
Love you all !!

Enjoy your spring & summer :):) I am......


karen hopkins said...

Yay for the camera!! He has big pplans for you, girl.. and you keep taking photos of that garden for me.. its still to early here in our mountains to plant everything I want to plant.. so far, just potatoes, onions, swiss chard, and cabbage.. i want more o plant... sigh.. please find me on fb when you can.. I am glad for yiou, and know that your excitement over the photography will be a blessing for many...
praing for ya, girl.. Hang onto the Thread of Hope!

Deborah Ann said...

A photohog? Good for you, Becka! I know you'll be the best picture taker ever!

Spring...finally. Love seeing those pics. We're just barely getting started here. Why, in just a few more weeks, we'll even have buds on our trees!

Amrita said...

Enjoy the beaitiful outdoors. Your header photo is lovely

Jen said...

Gardening is great! I love it! And I love photography! God bless you on this new venture! How fun!