Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What do I tell first??

I've got so much to tell & so many pictures to show ,I just cant make my mind up, :(

So I 'm going to start with the most important,
I left off last time with bible school ,So I will finish with that ,
It was so wonderful!!!
This is a few of us,(teachers)

This is of our last night, when the families & friends got to come :)

This is one of the two,little girls that got saved,on the last night,
PRAISE GOD,He is so wonderful!!

We also had a balloon release,it had been storming so we was in a hurry
the wind was blowing hard,, :(

It was looking like it was going to go over well.

Till !!!! the wind blew most of them in the tree,
Oh well, the kids still had fun & us grownups did tooo! :)

So this past weekend my wonderful husband,
left for two days on a rafting trip that the men from
the church go on every year,
And if any of you know me ,?you know I cant stand being
without him AT ALL!! I never stay at home when he is not going to be home with me,,

So I went to my mamas for the weekend,
We had so much of a good time, we grilled ,watched movies,ate,ate,ate, talked,talked & talked some more,

Dillons sweetheart came over for a few hours,

And then I did some photos of my oldest sister Renee,
She is 10 years older than me but we have always been so close
to each other,

love this one,,,we have no idea who they belong too??
Oh well, it made a pretty picture,

I cant stand to touch feet,but love to do pictures of feet,
I know , crazy;}

Her & her middle son, a,j
A week are so a go, I did some of two sisters ,Makenzie & Maice,
Sweet girls ,I love them so much, & I get to go to church with them too,

:D***Happy hump day everyone***:D


Nina in Portugal said...

Wow!! Look at those fantastic pictures! You're really getting good with that camera!! Great Job!

I love the picture of you and Bro. Jim smooching!!

Looks like VBS was a hit! I can't remember where I've seen it done before, but one church released a bunch of balloons that had tracts in them....very cool idea!

Wish you could do a photo shoot of me and my girls....I don't have a clue where to go and have pictures made in this country!

Maybe I need to request my "photographer" be shipped over here??!!

Nicky said...

Hi Becka, wonderful news and pictures! Imogen went to a Christian camp last week and she enjoyed it so much! Have a blessed week. X

Amrita said...

Loved your pretty pictures Becka. You guys had a lot of fun

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

You have a beautiful sister and family! Lovely photos! You have been very busy! I am sooooo behind in blog reading! But just wanted to say hello! I am off from work blog reading and completing some art orders today.

Blessings & Aloha!
Miss ya!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

VBS sounds like it was lots of fun!
And you do amazing photography!

Blessings & Aloha!
(oops! did I already comment here?)