Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Prize time!!

I wanted to have a give away,not going to say what it will be,
I know I know, You want to know but this just makes it more fun!!

Rules: you have to tell me whats going on in these pictures & what picture goes with what,(how many) as in last week I posted pictures you would say,"you taking pictures, 4 of Renee & 5 of the sisters", they all are of some things I have done this past week..

You will get 3 points for posting it, & 5 points for each you get right,
You have two weeks from this day,on sept 1st ,I will pick a winner.
Hint for the prize ,if you love to cook you want to win !.
Tip before you start, Only 3 events are pictured,so pick what goes with what first, I did not mix them up...
*****good luck****


Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Great post of pictures! What a fun idea for a giveaway. Hm...I need to get off the computer and back to the drawing board!
but let's see... #1 apples freshly picked?
#2 the bakers making progress with peeling them all and the little furbaby eyeing the apples...wonder if he got a bite? #3 your mom and her sister?
#4 cute photo of you and your sisters?
#5 while everyone is singing happy birthday. :o) #6 the whole gang celebrating #7 fun and silly cousins?
#8 VBS balancing a ball trick?
#9 VBStrying to scoop & pcik up with a spoon contest?
#10 VBS carrying the thing with the spoon relay?
#11 VBS keeping the balloon in the air the longest with a straw.

Not sure if this is what you meant :o) haha but it was fun trying to label the photos.

Blessings & Aloha!

Jen said...

Are the first two apple picking and then making apple sauce or some kind of apple dish?

Nina in Portugal said... goes!

#1 and #2
peeling pears on your kitchen floor!

your sweet mama's birthday


Deborah Ann said...

I am not cheating here! Not reading any other comments, just muddling through with my little pea brain.

Pics 1-2 apples. Picking and possibly making something from them?

Pics 3-5 Mom's birthday party. Your mom?

Pics 6-11 Looks like a corporate gathering in a church or something?

Well, I gave it a shot, anyway.

Love and miss you girl!