Monday, September 28, 2009

Very sad..flooding-09

As of Saturday,we had our last day of rain ..:(

It had rained for about 2o-25 days..

Some days was 10mins,others was all day ,DOWN POURS !!

This is the results of all that in our area:::
Franklin Ga,,,

This is Brush Creek park 2min,from my house by car,

or you can walk through my back yard to the right & get there (it would just a while walking through woods) yes thats a picnic table,thats how far the water was up-on monday 21st...

On thursday they had the park shut down ,you couldnt even get through the gate...

This is the Chattahoochee River bridge in Franklin, (town part)
You have to cross this to get to the ONLY groc,store we have in this small town..

The trees to your right, before them is supposed to be the bank to the river& under those trees is the picnic tables for the ball park..(our only ball park)

They closed the bridge on thursday also,we not sure why?

The ball park;;;;

Thats the trees in the picture,,

And thats our score board !!!

Again our picnic area....

This is one of the roads that takes you to the elementary school..

This is the LaGrange area,at one of the many,many boat ramps we have(we do all our business in LaGrange)

I stopped to take pictures & before I could get out of the car,these ducks was running at me..

Makes me wonder if they are having a hard time finding food,or their nest was over taken by the high waters..

We gave them some bread ,,poor babies ;(

I do not have any pictures ,But as bad as that seems to the people that live around here,The Atlanta & Carrollton area got it bad,,schools are still shut down,houses flooded away,

people have died,a 2 year old was swept away out of his daddys arms,roads are closed & even some of our interstates are shut down, & Six Flags flooded.

If you have ever heard of Atlanta,you know its not a place you would think floods,My mama said she dont guess she's ever heard of it flooding.

Its very sad would you please pray for this area,families need help..

*******When we have nothing else but GOD,,GOD is enough !!********



Pilar said...

I have seen photos in the internet about the rains. It is amazing how much damage it has done....

God's Been Good said... see the flooding in the news, but you really don't know how bad it is until it is where you are! It looks similiar to when hurricane Fran and Floyd came our way!


Nina in Portugal said...

That is very sad. Last January it rained here everyday...and just about constantly everyday...I know how depressing and sad that cane be.

But apparently Portugal handles the rain better than Georgia does, cause we didn't have those types of flooding issues.

Amrita said...

Sorry to see this.

We are living in a drought affected area, wish we could have some rain too.

So sorry about the 2 year old who was swept away.Such a shock for the unfortunate father.

Deborah Ann said...

Oh my, I have seen footage on the TV, this is just terrible. I will pray for a quick recovery there...

Tracy said...

Wow! It has rained quite a bit here...but nothing like that.

Glad you and your family are safe ;o}

Sandy Sellers said...

Wow, I had hear about all the rain but had not seen any pictures.
In Nepal it rains every day for 3 months. That is one thing I am not looking forward to.