Thursday, September 24, 2009

It went wonderful part two..

Well, I kinda left you all hanging the other day when I posted about the funeral.

So I now have time to give the story..

Jim had been worried the whole time about everything......

The night U,Spencer died they ask him to pray,the closing prayer at funeral-he said he would..

He was hurting because of the passing away,he was close to him,how fast it all happened,& not at peace on him being saved..We talked about it everyday & his thoughts got better each day..

On that wed,after he past away, Travis(his son) came by our shop to tell Jim the family had talked & they also wanted him to preach,(say a few words) they said whatever is on your heart??(None of his family has ever heard him preach)..(sad)(his first funeral)

He told me about it as we got ready for church that night ,,He said ,U,Spencer gave me a home when my daddy ran me off, he has never looked down on me ,no matter what I had done, he would help me work on a car ,at the drop of a hat..

How do I get up & preach & honor him -without hurting my daddy?(they have never been close)(we see him 3to4 times a year)

I said what I thought was right ,dont you leave the funeral wishing you had said something & you didnt....(I'm all for telling those you love ,that you love them,,his family is not like mine)....

We talked each day & seem like the LORD gave us more & more peace everyday..about it all...

I ask if he didnt want to do it, he said no,I'm honored that they would ask me ,but I dont want to say the wrong thing??

On friday we had the went well,, the family was having such a hard time..

On sat,was the funeral, I told him on the way,just keep in mind God had to take someone for me to see I was lost,he can use all of this no matter how much we are hurting ,he just nodded..

There was 3 preachers,one who opened ,the 2nd talked about him & said some things all the kids wanted him to have say about him...Jim was the last,He did wonderful it was all GOD,,as soon as he started to talk...He read the vs,
out of Prov,18;24,..Aman that hath friends must show himself friendly;and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother..

He startd to tell how U,Spencer was always his friend all his life,& started to give some of his testimony (that his family has never heard)(let me take that back he has 1 uncle that has)

I sat by his daddy ,& as Jim talked it HIT me ,,God took someone for him to see he was lost also,his grandma,5 yrs ago almost..

I had never thought of it till now,,,WHY??

I begin to cry even harder,& thought all these years Lord I never have studied my on husbands testimony..I'm Sorry to my LORD & to you Jim..

He told them how Jesus has been his BEST FRIEND for 5 yrs & if they dont know him,how he can be a friend to them also.....

His daddy he cried the whole time ,I watch his cousins look at him like,, this is not the Jim we know, he has changed!!

I have got to say he did a wonderful job, But I also have to say Its all Because of him....

We could not have even been able to go ,much less Jim preach ,if it was'nt for our Lord..

After the funeral we went ate with the family,everybody told him how they want to come hear him preach,& how he did such a good job,, he would say its just the LORD..

His cousin Tandi gave him a copy of a journal she had kept during her daddys sickness,,
Title; "My Thoughts During My Dad's Journey"

He did not read it that night,,,on sunday morning while he studied for sunday school he picked it up ,,I noticed he was crying..

He got done & said you got to read this,then find me something to put it in so dont nothing happen to it.....

In it was everyday of what he went through & how she wondered about his salvation also,
She said the only two people that talked to him about it during his sickness was her husband & Jim.

Some of what she said.... july-17"God has away of working things out" july-31st"I feel GOD is working on different people through this challenge" aug -11th "I knew I had to trust GOD,NO MATTER WHAT?" aug-26th " I was filled with joy"-- ''So GOD had proved himself again- he is ture to his word" sept -2nd "How much more can mama take?"--"LORD please help mom & dad!!"sept 5th--(back to the er he never went back home) sept-6th "i know GOD is watching over him & my family" "I am thankful for his mercy & grace." "Lord where would we be without it ? I dont want to find out !!" sept-13th "Thank you for loving me enough to carry me" Monday in the morning of sept -14th "Dad made the comment--I mine as well get it over with --I am unsure of why he said it??."--"We left to go to mamas to clean up for her" "Travis called my heart dropped."-" I crawled to his bed & prayed for God to take care of us.''-- "I prayed for understanding." sept 15th" GOD has taken the sweetest man I know home with him.-I had him for 32 years. It will be hard, but rest assure he is waiting for me !!! I love you daddy!!

"July 16th-Sept 15th- 09 "

About 15mins after that his daddy called him, he started to cry again while talking to him ??
I wonderd what they could be saying ??
He hung the phone up & said "For the first time in my life my daddy said he is proud of me."
I began to cry,,,,
(I dont know what that fells like;;my family has always said things like that to each other)

He walked away from me praying, "LORD you are doing it ! you said you would"
Makes me wonder ;these past few days,,, what did he pray for??

I said all that to say this & hope you can understand,through death or what ever it may be GOD needs our praise,he will get the Glory out of everything,he can even give you peace about someones salvation ,just as he has done us,,

I love you more today LORD then I did last week,I love your peace in the times of trouble,

" The LORD giveth he taketh away,,, blessed be the name of the LORD"



Stonefox said...

Wow, that is amazing, Becka. Isn't the Lord awesome?

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

What a wonderful testimony of the blessings and positive changes in people's lives when your husband leaned on the Lord for His Words to be spoken.

God bless your husband and his dad's relationship. And that if continues to grow. And what a help mate you are for each other...keep encouraging and being that faithful prayer partner. I know that I need to remind myself of husband is always encouraging and lifting me up. (I let myself stress on certain things, and know that I shouldnt, so I do appreciate his prayers for and over me).

Thank you for sharing such a great testimony.

Blessings & Aloha!

Deborah Ann said...

Oh Becka, what a beautiful story! Look how God used this very sad event to reach into the relationship between your husband and his dad. How awesome is that? God is so good!

Nina in Portugal said...

I'm so glad you told us specifically how it I can really see how God has been working.

I know I'm not near as important as Bro. Jim's Daddy....but I'm pround of you both!!