Friday, September 11, 2009

Updates & Prayer...

Today on this Friay, I do not have alot to talk about(WHAT did I just say??)
Let me take that back,I dont have alot I think you would want to hear about,
So I'm going to give some updates,and ask for you to please pray for each of these,
(1)My friend Krista 32, that I posted about a few weeks back,
she had a heart attack,they did not think she would live through that night,but GOD answers prayers!!& when she was sent home 2 weeks later,only 45% of her heart was working,they said it was so bad that she would have to be so careful the rest of her life,she called me last friday,GOD has let her heart work 60% now & shes doing good..
Thank You for that prayer,

(2) Jims uncle Spencer,that has the 10 brain tumors & two on his lungs is not doing good,

(He is the one on your left with his mama,Jims daddy,&uncle Lowell in back)(taken christmas-08)
We are having a hard time with it, but the bad part of it is ,we dont know if he is saved?
Jim & I dont have the words we want to say,,we are having a real hard time with that part of it..he has about 10 grandkids,6 kids..please pray for him..
(3) And now for my MawMaw,I was'nt going to post about her till we knew more but I can't wait. We found out last thurs,that she has skin cancer,they did a test on a spot on her nose & said it was a type of skin cancer,may or maynot be from the sun,??Its not the slow growing kind or the fast growing kind,but the medium growing kind ??
She has a place on the inside,that they are checking now,but she wont know anything for bout 2 or 3 weeks..
She is more than my MawMaw she is my FRIEND...
I love her so much, she is the only mawmaw I have left on this earth.
I know she is at the age that you can say she has lived her life, & she is saved, loves the Lord & lets everyone know she does,,,,,BUT I'm selfish & want her to be with us many, many, more years..

There is not a time I dont call her or I'm at her house that she's not talking about what she pray's for & how many prayers she has had GOD to answer for her,
Since I have been saved (5yrs) we have had the best talks,,
Its like she knew I would be someday & now she is getting it all out,
She so funny,always is dressed to a --T --(as people say) even when working out in the yard..for real..She loves to be pretty..
She has taught me so much.. Other than prayer,she taught me to love flowers, her & pawpaw are Mr& Ms Green thumbs & will tell you what you need to do in your yards,for them to look right..too funny she is..!!;o)
She is my mawmaw I love her with all my heart,& she is my friend.
She is the mother of 2, the grandmother of 6,the greatgrandmother of 11,..
I want her to be around for my grandkids to know.....
Please pray for her, U,Spencer & Krista,that the Lords will ,will be done..
.........I love ya'll ,Thank you for the prayers......
...I don't know what tomorrow holds,but I know who holds tomorrow !!


Amrita said...

Dear Becka, just read your news. So many hard things to deal with. May the Lord 's grace be with you and your family and Krista.

Life is such a challenge.

Praise God we are saved.

Nina in Portugal said...

I will continue praying....praise the Lord about Krista!!

Hey....are they selling Candy Corn in the stores yet?!

I've got a "hankerin" for some.....ummm uuummm....I can just taste all that sugary goodness!


Deborah Ann said...

Becka, my husband and I will pray for your Mawmaw and Spencer.

Little story to share. A few years ago my cousin called to say my uncle was dying in the hospital. We had visited him in the nursing home quite a few times, and always chickened out to witness about the Lord to him.

On his deathbed I led him in a prayer for salvation. With great eagerness and gasping breath, he repeated the prayer, and the minute he did, hubby and I felt our legs turn to jello - we were standing on holy ground! The next day we decided to stop in again. As we walked toward his room, our legs turned to jello again. It was a holy walk all the way to his room. Once we walked into the room, we saw he was in a coma. He died the next day. Had we not prayed with him, it would have been too late. I can't wait to see him in heaven!

I'm going to pray that God gives you the boldness to have a sweet and gentle talk with Spencer. It will be the most important conversation of your life!